Who is the SP of boudh?

Shri Gyana Ranjan Mohanty
District Administration

Name Designation Fax
Shri Gyana Ranjan Mohanty, OPS(SAG) Superintendent of Police 06841-222238
Smt. Babitarani Dalabehera Addl. District Magistrate
Shri Aswini Kumar Meher Project Director,District Rural Development Agency,Boudh
Sri Sanat Kumar Naik Sub Collector,Boudh

Why is boudh famous?

Tourism. Boudh is known for its century-old temples, ancient Buddha statues, and caves. With the spread of Saivism, Vaishnavism and a number of other cults, numerous shrines dedicated to various deities were found in this region.

How many GP are there in Boudh district?

There are 69 panchayat and 1182 villages in Boudh District. The complete list of villages and Panchayats are available in the below link.

How many blocks are in boudh?

3 Blocks
administration is concerned, there is one sub division namely Boudh, 3 Tahasils, 3 Blocks, 1186 Villages and 69 Gram Panchayats functioning in the District.

Who is the collector of Deogarh?

Sri Sudhansu Mohan Samal
District Administration

Name Designation Email
Sri Sudhansu Mohan Samal, I.A.S. Collector and District Magistrate dm-deogarh[at]nic[dot]in
Smt Rebeca Bilung, O.A.S.(S) Additional District Magistrate adm[dot]deogarh2017[at]gmail[dot]com
Miss Sipra Sethy, OAS Deputy Collector
Miss Gitanjali Behera, O.A.S. Deputy Collector

What is the pin code of boudh?

762014Baudhgarh / Zip code

What is Boudha Bihar?

Bodh Gaya is a religious site and place of pilgrimage associated with the Mahabodhi Temple Complex in Gaya district in the Indian state of Bihar. It is famous as it is the place where Gautama Buddha is said to have attained Enlightenment (Pali: bodhi) under what became known as the Bodhi Tree.

How many villages are there in Odisha?

As per 2011 Census, the number of villages in Odisha is 47,477.

How many blocks are there in Bhadrak dist?

07 blocks
The Bhadrak District has got only one sub division namely Bhadrak. There are 07 tahasils and 07 blocks functioning in the District.

Can a OAS be a collector?

For the first time now, the State will have OAS officers as District Magistrates in as many as 10 districts. With Behera’s appointment as Dhenkanal Collector, the number of OAS officers serving as Collectors reached an all-time high of 10.

How many GP are there in Deogarh district?

Deogarh District has 3 Blocks as described below….Village & Panchayats.

Name of Block Number of Gram Panchayat
Reamal 26
Tileibani 20
Total Number of Gram Panchayat 70

What is the Pincode of phulbani?

762001Phulbani / Zip code

What is the pin code of rairakhol?

768106Redhakhol / Zip code

Why is Ganiapali famous?

The historically famous village Ganiapali belongs to the block Gaisilat of the district which is 75 kms away from the DHQ. Historians opine that it was a Buddhist spot in the past. A rare Budha statue sitting in Lotus Posture with a snake on his head with its hood expanded used to attract tourist.

Who is the MLA of Bhadrak?

Bhadrak Assembly constituency

Current MLA Sanjib Kumar Mallick
Party Biju Janata Dal
Elected year 2019

Why is Bhadrak famous?

Bhadrak is famous for Bhadrakali Temple and Babaakhandalamani Temple which has been recognized as Tourist Place of odisha.

What is phulbani famous for?

Phulbani is the administrative headquater of Kandhmal. The place offers a diverse range of flora and fauna across its virgin forests and towering mountains.

Can OAS become IAS?

Bhubaneswar, Jan 21: As many as 11 officers of Odisha Administrative Service (OAS) has been promoted to Indian Administrative Service (IAS) against available vacancies.

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