Who is the oldest soccer player that still plays?

Who are the oldest footballers ever?

  • Ezzeldin Bahader -74 years.
  • Isaak Hayik –74 years.
  • Robert Carmona -59 years.

Which soccer player has the best vision?

Players with Highest Vision Rating

  • RW: Lionel Messi (94) – FC Barcelona.
  • CAM: Kevin De Bruyne (91) – Manchester City.
  • CM: Iniesta (83) – Vissel Kobe.
  • CAM: Christian Eriksen (88) – Tottenham Hotspur.
  • CM: Luka Modrić (90) – Real Madrid.
  • CAM: David Silva (88) – Manchester City.
  • LW: Neymar Jr (92) – Paris Saint-Germain.

Who is the oldest player in soccer 2021?

Kazuyoshi Miura
Kazuyoshi Miura (三浦 知良, Miura Kazuyoshi, born 26 February 1967), often known simply as Kazu (nicknamed “King Kazu”), is a Japanese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Arsenal on loan from Yokohama FC.

Who has the highest soccer IQ?

Top 5 footballers with highest IQ: Pique & Lampard lead as…

  • Gerard Pique IQ score: 170.
  • Frank Lampard IQ score: 150.
  • Mario Balotelli IQ score: 147.
  • Juan Mata IQ score: 142.
  • Petr Cech IQ score: 140.

Who has the best football IQ?

7 NFL Players with the Highest IQ

  • #1- Ryan Fitzaptrick, QB, Washington Football Team.
  • #2- Richard Sherman, CB, Free Agent.
  • #3- Stefen Wisniewski, OL, Free Agent.
  • #4- Tom Brady, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • #5 Daniel Jones, QB, New York Giants.
  • #6-Justin Herbert, QB, Los Angeles Chargers.
  • #7- John Urschel, Retired.

Who is the oldest soccer player in the Premier League?

1. John Burridge

  • Age: 43 years, 5 months, 11 days.
  • PL Teams: Newcastle and Manchester City.
  • PL Years active: 1992-1995.

Who is the oldest footballer 2022?

Meet Kazuyoshi Miura. He is almost 55 years old. Most people in an everyday job would be looking towards retirement by that age, and almost every footballer will long since have hung up their boots. But even now, Miura continues to tick along as the oldest professional footballer the world has ever seen.

Who has the best football brain?

Frank Lampard This was just reward for a player who has played at the highest level of the English game for the last 13 years. Off the field, Lampard is recognized as one of the most intelligent men in the game. In 2009, he undertook an IQ test with Mensa and scored one of the highest marks ever recorded.

Do athletes age slower?

Summary: A group of older people who have exercised all of their lives, were compared to a group of similarly aged adults and younger adults who do not exercise regularly.

Why do footballers decline after 30?

The reason for the decline in performance by running backs after they turn thirty is most directly related to the decline in necessary skills after the athlete has reached his physical peak.

Who is the oldest player currently?

Who is the oldest player to play for England?

On 15 May 1957, Matthews became the oldest player ever to represent England, when at 42 years and 104 days old he turned out for the victory over the Danes in Copenhagen.

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