Who is the lead singer of Antony and the Johnsons?

AnohniAntony and the Johnsons / Lead singerAnohni, styled as ANOHNI, is an English-born singer, songwriter, and visual artist. She was formerly the lead singer of the band Antony and the Johnsons.
Anohni was born in Chichester, England. Her family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1981. Wikipedia

Who wrote If it be your will?

Leonard CohenIf It Be Your Will / Composer

What album is if it be your will on?

Various PositionsIf It Be Your Will / AlbumVarious Positions is the seventh studio album by Leonard Cohen, released in December 1984. It marked not only his turn to the modern sound and use of synthesizers, but also, after the harmonies and Wikipedia

Who is Antony the singer?

AnohniAntony and the Johnsons / Lead singer

Who is Antony singing if it be your will?

AnohniIf It Be Your Will / Artist

Are the Webb Sisters Irish?

The Webb Sisters are an English musical duo comprising the siblings Charley and Hattie Webb from Kent, England. They were backing singers for Leonard Cohen and Tom Petty. They also appear on Sting’s album If on a Winter’s Night….

Is Antony and the Johnsons a man?

Antony Hegarty is the first trans person to be nominated for an Oscar in 30 years. The vocalist of Antony & The Johnsons has recently received a nomination for Best Original Song for “Manta Ray” which features in the documentary Racing Extinction.

Where is Antony and the Johnsons from?

New York, NYAntony and the Johnsons / Origin

What genre is Antony and the Johnsons?

Alternative/IndieAntony and the Johnsons / Genre

Are the Webb sisters twins?

The Webb Sisters are an English musical duo comprising the siblings Charley and Hattie Webb from Kent, England.

Where are the Webb sisters from?

Kent, United KingdomThe Webb Sisters / Origin

Is Anohni black?

These bodies include performance artists Joanna Constantine and Kembra Pfaler, who have previously appeared in Anohni’s videos (and who, like Anohni, are white) — but they are far from representative of the cast, which is overwhelmingly women of color, and more than half black women, in particular.

Was Anohni born a man?

As a journalist interviewing Anohni, the name she has used for just over a year, it is wise to be aware that she is not much interested in talking about herself, and that questions about her gender identity are off limits. She was born a boy and grew up to become a beautiful woman, as she sings on For Today I Am A Boy.

How old is Anohni?

50 years (October 24, 1971)Anohni / Age

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