Who is the best mathematician in 2020?

Stanford’s Yakov Eliashberg awarded Wolf Prize in Mathematics. Stanford mathematics Professor Yakov “Yasha” Eliashberg is a recipient of the 2020 Wolf Prize in Mathematics. Along with the Fields Medal and Abel Prize, the Wolf Prize is considered one of the most prestigious awards in mathematics.

Who is the best mathematician in 21st century?

Michael Atiyah, One Of The Greatest Mathematicians Of 21st Century.

Who is best mathematician alive?

A list of great living mathematicians:

  • John Tate.
  • Pierre Deligne.
  • Endre Szemeredi.
  • Laszlo Lovasz.
  • Grigori Perelman.
  • Terence Tao.
  • Noga Alon.
  • John Milnor.

Who won Nobel prize in Maths 2021?


Year Laureate(s) Institution(s)
2020 Grigory Margulis Yale University
2021 László Lovász Eötvös Loránd University
Avi Wigderson Institute for Advanced Study
2022 Dennis Sullivan Stony Brook University and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Who is the best mathematician in 2022?

16 Famous and Greatest Mathematicians | 2022 Edition

  • David Hilbert.
  • Henri Poincaré
  • G.F.
  • Alan Turing.
  • Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi.
  • Andrew Wiles.
  • Joseph-Louis Lagrange. Known For: Lagrangian mechanics, Celestial Mechanics, Number Theory.
  • Srinivasa Ramanujan. Known For: Ramanujan–Petersson conjecture, Ramanujan’s master theorem.

Who gives Ramanujan award?

The DST-ICTP-IMU Ramanujan Prize for Young Mathematicians from Developing Countries is a mathematics prize awarded annually by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy. The prize is named after the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

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