Who is Smashy and Nicey based on?

Enfield’s Australian-rocker Dave Nice was a clear parody of Radio 1 Rock Show presenter Alan Freeman (whose radio persona deliberately bordered on self-parody anyway). Whitehouse’s Mike Smash was loosely based on Tony Blackburn, though he sounded more like Cliff Richard.

Does a lot of work for charity doesn’t like to talk about it?

Does a lot’a work for charity, doesn’t like to talk about it! James Cleverly AM.

Who were Smashie and Nicey?

Mike Smash and Dave Nice (Smashie and Nicey) are a duo of disc jockeys who first appeared in Harry Enfield’s Television Programme. They are parodies of a certain style of ageing celebrity BBC Radio 1 disc jockey who started out with the station in the 1960s and stayed there until the mid-1990s.

Who said pop pickers?

DJ Alan “Fluff” Freeman
Former BBC DJ Alan “Fluff” Freeman, the man who coined the catchphrase “Greetings, pop pickers”, has died. The 79 year-old, born in Melbourne in 1927, came to the UK in 1957 and began working for the BBC in 1960.

Is DLT still alive?

David Patrick Griffin (born 25 May 1945), known professionally as Dave Lee Travis, is an English disc jockey, radio presenter and television presenter….

Dave Lee Travis
Other names DLT The Hairy Monster The Hairy Cornflake
Occupation Radio and television presenter
Years active 1965–present

Do poor people donate?

Recent surveys have found that not only do the poor donate more per capita than individuals in higher income brackets, but that their generosity tends to remain higher during economic downturns, McClatchy Newspapers reports.

Why was Alan Freeman called Fluff?

Born in 1927, Mr Freeman came to Britain in 1957 after having worked as an announcer on the 3KZ radio station in Melbourne. His nickname was already in place, coined because of a favourite jumper that he had worn until it was covered in balls of fluff and supposedly made him look like a sheep.

Who used to say not ARF?

eteran DJ Alan “Fluff” Freeman has died aged 79. The former BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 presenter, whose “Not ‘arf” catchphrase made him a household name, had been living in a nursing home in Twickenham after being diagnosed with arthritis.

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