Who developed the autonomous learner model?

The Autonomous Learner Model (ALM) was created by Prof. George Betts and Jolene Kercher to help gifted students become independent learners. ALM has five dimensions: Orientation, Individual Development, Enrichment, Seminar and In-Depth Study.

What did George Betts research?

He developed the Autonomous Learner Model (ALM) for the facilitation of lifelong learners. The ALM is implemented throughout the world.

What is autonomous model?

The ‘autonomous’ model of literacy works from the assumption that literacy in itself – autonomously – will have effects on other social and cognitive practices.

What is a autonomous learner?

Autonomous Learners. ∎ Autonomous learners, by definition, are. “students who solves problems or develop. new ideas through a combination of divergent and convergent thinking and function with minimal external guidance in selected areas of endeavor.”

What is meant by autonomous learning?

Abstract: Autonomous learning is a complex and multi-faceted construct. It can be defined as the learners’ capacity to self-direct their own learning, which means taking re- sponsibility for the decisions concerning the different aspects of the learning process.

What is autonomous learning?

What is the learner model?

A learner model, or student model, is a structured representation of a learner’s knowledge, misconceptions, and difficulties (Bull, 2004). Learner models are constructed from learner data usually gathered by an intelligent tutoring system through the learner’s interaction with the tutoring system.

What is autonomous learning theory?

Autonomous learning represents an intentional activity in which learning is pursued based upon individual preferences. Supported by motivation and self-efficacy, the exhibition of resourcefulness, initiative, and persistence in one’s learning defines autonomous learning.

What is an example of autonomous learning?

In the autonomous learning model, teachers help their students accomplish things they want to achieve. There are, of course, a few caveats. For example, students can’t simply say “I want to fold origami cranes” without that stated goal having anything to do with learning.

What is autonomous learning strategy?

Autonomous learning is a customized way of learning applied by individual to find out his own learning needs and learning goals, decide the most appropriate way for his own learning, as well as to monitor and evaluate the learning progress. This research used qualitative descriptive method.

What is an autonomous learner?

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