Who created the Wing T offense?

Dave Nelson
Much of the success enjoyed at Delaware is attributable to the Wing-T offense, which was invented by Dave Nelson at Maine in 1950 and perfected at Delaware in the early 1950s. The original offense evolved from the Michigan Single Wing of Fritz Crisler and the Army Trap Series of Earl “Red” Blaik.

What college football teams run the Wing T?

Delaware Wing T Between his years at Maine and Delaware, Nelson developed an offensive set known as the Wing T that eventually gained the Blue Hens a “small college” national championship in 1963 (as well as three Middle Atlantic Conference titles during Nelson’s eight-year tenure).

What is a wing T formation?

The Wing T formation combines the classic Wing formation and the T formation. With a tight end (TE) and a wingback (WB) aligning to give additional coverage on the wing of one side of the scrimmage, two or three RB’s will align behind the QB, giving this formation its T shape.

How do you beat Wing T offense?

The key to any Wing-T offense is its guards. The pulling of one, or both in the buck sweep, establish extra gaps to the play side and traps for defensive linemen. It is important for a defense to stay even against any Wing-T formation.

Do any colleges run the Wing-T?

College football teams rarely deploy the Wing-T offense. In fact, the scheme rarely shows up anywhere beyond high school, and lots of people don’t know a lot about it. (Full disclosure: I’m definitely among those people.)

Who started the T formation in football?

Walter Camp
The T formation is often said to be the oldest offensive formation in American football and is claimed to have been invented by Walter Camp in 1882. However, as the forward pass was legalized, the original T became obsolete in favor of formations such as the single wing.

Who runs the Wing-T?

Over time, it evolved into the Wing-T, which has been made famous by University of Delaware Coach Harold “Tubby” Raymond. Often considered one of the best misdirection formations in the game, it has fallen out of favor in the pro game in recent years, but is still very effective at the youth level.

What defense should I run against Wing-T?

The Double G (or double 2i) look is the best against a Wing-T offense. With any Wing-T or Slot-T offshoot, the defense must address the guards. It is imperative for the defense to eliminate these to lineman from ever being able to pull.

What is the difference between the wing-T and the slot T?

the Slot-t is the south Texas version of the wing-t, where backs are much closer to LOS and they basically never passes. The wing-t as taught by Tuby Raymond is multiple and incorporates misdirection, option and attacks defense at all levels in the rushing and passing game and has motion.

What is the Wing T?

How do you beat the Wing-T?

What is the pistol formation in football?

The pistol is similar to the shotgun formation in that the quarterback is lined up a few yards removed from the center, but rather than having a running back beside him, the running back is a few yards behind him. It is a blend of shotgun and traditional under-center formations.

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