Who are the four heavenly kings of Orochi?

The Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi

Image Character Power
file Goenitz of the Wildly-Blowing Wind Wind
file Yashiro Nanakase of the Parched Earth Earth
file Shermie of the Insanely Violent Lightning Lightning
file Chris of the Flames of Destiny Fire

Are WHIP and K siblings?

Biography. According to the The King of Fighters 2001 novel, Whip is a clone of the real Seirah. Seirah was biological older sister of K’, who was younger and died after being abducted by NESTS, a mysterious syndicate.

Is Ash Crimson non binary?

Although he called Ash’s voice one of “Gaming’s Top 10 Deepest Voices”, Dan Howdle of Now Gamer referred to him as a female character and writers for Game Informer joked about their surprise at the discovery that Ash is a male character.

What does Hakkesshu stand for?

Hakkesshu (八傑集 or 八傑衆, Haketsushu ), también deletreado como “Hakkeshu” o “Haketsu”, es el nombre que llevan los seguidores de Orochi en la serie de juegos de The King of Fighters. También son llamados algunas veces como ” Yamata no Orochi “.

Are the Hakkesshu really that bad?

Como Orochi sigue siendo odiado por la raza humana años después, Los Hakkesshu son generalmente considerados como una fuerza oscura y maligna. Su misión para resucitar a su señor continúa en the King of Fighters.

Who are the members of The Hakkesshu?

Loyal members of the Hakkesshu from the edit team’s ending in The King of Fighters 2003. Clockwise: Goenitz, Chris, Yashiro, Vice, Mature, and Shermie. , Haketsushu; lit. Eight Excellent Masses), also spelled as “Hakkeshu” or “Haketsu”, is the name of the followers of Orochi in The King of Fighters series.


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