Which credit reference agency does V12?

We use Equifax, TransUnion and Experian as our credit reference agencies.

What is V12 Retail Finance on my bank statement?

V12 Retail Finance is a trading name of Secure Trust Bank PLC. If you have a product or service from a retailer that has been financed by V12 Retail Finance before 2 August, the name that appeared on your bank statement was Secure Trust Bank PLC.

Who owns V12 Retail Finance?

Secure Trust Bank
V12 Retail Finance, a company acquired by Secure Trust Bank in 2013, provides point of sale loans for a number of retailers, primarily financing consumer electronics, furniture, and leisure products.

How long does V12 Finance take to approve?

Terms range from 3 months to 60 months. The customer can apply either in your store or at home via your website. The process is quick and straightforward and with V12 the customer can have a decision in seconds.

Is V12 Finance Barclays?

Aston Barclay | V12 Vehicle Finance Partner. Starting from 1st March 2022, Aston Barclay are offering 14 days interest free credit on vehicles from an Aston Barclay auction financed with V12 Vehicle Finance!

Does V12 do a hard credit check?

They carry out a soft search when they look for your finance options, which will only become a hard search if you choose to take out a loan with a lender.

Where is V12 Finance used?

Where you can shop using V12 Retail Finance

  • Clifton Cameras.
  • Yamaha Music.
  • Wiggle Bikes.
  • Appliances Direct.
  • The Celtic Football Club.
  • Discount Diamond Store.
  • Halfords.
  • Cycle Republic.

What companies use V12?

Is V12 Retail Finance easy to get?

Applying for V12 finance is quick and easy. The whole process takes just a few minutes and, in most cases, you will get an instant decision.

Which credit reference agency does DFS use?

DFS, which is the UK’s largest credit provider in the furniture market, chose to work with Ikano following the success of its trial, where it was able to demonstrate strong service levels and account management provision.

Does applying for V12 Finance affect credit score?

Though V12 Finance is unable to provide you with a main reason for the decline of your application, it is usually based on one, or a combination of the following: Your credit score (please note that every finance company will score you differently) Adverse credit reference agency information.

What is retail finance?

The definition of retail finance is ‘offering credit facilities or stage payments to suitable, creditworthy customers’. This allows shoppers to spread the cost of a product, making it easier to afford. If someone doesn’t want to wait until payday, they can access these services and pay the balance at a later stage.

Is it easy to get V12 finance?

Is V12 credit hard to get?

What finance does SCS use?

Finance in store In store, you can apply for finance with Creation Finance or Ikano Bank. Our friendly in store sales team will walk you through the whole process, including a credit check to let you know if you are eligible for finance within minutes.

Where is V12 finance used?

Is V12 a hire purchase?

V12 Vehicle Finance – powered by Secure Trust Bank – has bolstered its financial offering with the launch of its new Prime Hire Purchase (HP) product.

Does V12 Retail Finance affect credit score?

Is V12 Finance unsecured?

V12 Personal Finance | Unsecured Loans.

Does Sofology use V12 finance?

If you are not sure who your provider is, you will be able to find this information on your copy of your finance agreement. We currently offer finance through 3 different providers so it will be either Barclays, Creation/Laser or V12. This should be easy to confirm by checking your paperwork.

What finance does DFS use?

Ikano Financial Services, the retail finance specialist, is now providing consumer finance on behalf of leading UK furniture retailer, DFS.

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