Which cash crop is grown in Pemba?

Yet, Pemba’s main cash crops are clove and fruit trees, which have potential to stabilize and protect soil.

What is grown in Pemba?

Tanzania’s Pemba island has some of the world’s most fertile soils. The island – whose name comes from the Arabic, meaning “the Green Island” – produces fruit, cloves, cassava, coconuts, and a range of delicious spices.

Is there poverty in Zanzibar?

The inability of households to obtain an appropriate and nutritious diet throughout the year is a noted difficulty: about 49 percent of the Zanzibar population is considered poor, with 13 percent living below the food poverty line.

Why is Pemba Island a top tourist attraction?

Beautiful coral reefs The coral reefs that surround the entire island are a magnificent playground for snorkelers and divers. Especially the Pemba Channel, with impressive marine life, is an underwater paradise. You can spot Marlins, Barracudas, Clown Fish, turtles, sharks, dolphins and even whales.

What is the main economic benefit of growing pyrethrum in Kenya?

Importance of pyrethrum to the economy of Kenya a) It earns the country foreign exchange. b) It earns farmers a regular income thus improving their living standards. c) Pyrethrum farming as resulted in the development of infrastructure and social amenities in the country.

Which cash crop is mainly grown on the Zanzibar and Pemba islands?

Cassava is most dominant food crop grown in Zanzibar and a staple for the majority of poor in rural areas. Area under cultivation is estimated at 34,000 ha (Unguja 11,840ha and Pemba 22,160 ha).

What is the economy of Zanzibar?

The economy of Zanzibar is divided into three major sectors: service (tourism, trade, transportation and storage, and other private and public services); industries (manufacturing, construction, and mining); and agriculture (including forestry, crops, livestock, and fishing).

What language is spoken in Pemba?

Languages. Swahili is the principal language in Zanzibar and Pemba. The classical dialect is Kiunguja. Arabic is also important, because of long-established Islamic tradition, past Arab influence, and the presence of a large Arabic-speaking minority.

Is farming profitable in Kenya?

If you sell the crop at Ksh20 per kg, your revenue will be Ksh400,000 in just 5 months. The cost of production usually goes to an average of Ksh120,000 per acre so you are still making profits. The kill will be when these prices start going up, most likely in early 2021, something that seems sure to happen.

Is pyrethrum a cash crop?

Pioneer farmers: Rise and fall of pyrethrum as top-earning cash crop.

Which country is Pemba Island?

Pemba Island, Arabic Jazīrat al-Khuḍrah, island in the Indian Ocean, lying 35 miles (56 km) off the coast of East Africa, opposite the port of Tanga, Tanzania. The island is 42 miles (67 km) long and 14 miles (22 km) wide.

What are the economic sectors in Tanzania?

Notable sectors of the Tanzanian economy are tourism, mining, construction, agriculture, and manufacturing.

What are the major economic problem of Tanzania?

Tanzania’s economy remains vulnerable to the environment. The country has relied heavily on hydropower to meet its electricity needs, but in recent years, electricity production generation has proven insufficient, due partly to poor rainfall and depletion of hydro reservoirs.

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