Where is the best walleye fishing in Minnesota?

16 Destinations for the Best Walleye Fishing in Minnesota

  • Leech Lake.
  • Lake of the Woods.
  • The Rainy River.
  • Rainy Lake.
  • Mille Lacs Lake.
  • Red Lake.
  • Lake Winnibigoshish.
  • Lake Vermilion.

Where is the best fishing in mn?

13 Best Fishing Lakes in Minnesota

  1. Red Lake. Red Lake is one of the largest lakes in the North Star state, sitting at a whopping 107,800 acres.
  2. Cut Foot Sioux Lake.
  3. Snelling Lake.
  4. Rainy Lake.
  5. Otter Tail Lake.
  6. Annie Battle Lake.
  7. Spider Lake.
  8. White Bear Lake.

Where is the best Walleye fishing right now?

Best U.S. Walleye Fishing Spots In 2021

  • Lake Francis Case, South Dakota.
  • Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota.
  • Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee.
  • Lake of the Woods, Minnesota.
  • Saginaw Bay, Michigan.
  • Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin.

What is the best walleye lake in southern Minnesota?

4 Picks For Southern Minnesota Walleyes

  • LAKE CRYSTAL. Found in Blue Earth County, southwest of Mankato along State Highway 60, Lake Crystal is a 380-acre body of water with a maximum depth of only 8 feet.

Where is the best walleye?

How many walleyes can you catch in Minnesota?

A person’s possession and daily limit for walleye and sauger is six in the aggregate, of which not more than four may be walleye and not more than one walleye may be over 26 inches in length.

What is the best walleye fishery in the world?

The Bay of Quinte, just off Lake Ontario in eastern Ontario, is arguably the best walleye fishery in the world for consistently large fish — in any season, but especially after Labor Day.

What state has the best walleye fishing?

What is the best walleye fishing state?

When it comes to lakes, Minnesota is the best walleye state. When you’re talking about river and flowage fisheries, Wisconsin is number one, hands down. ‘ The state record walleye in Wisconsin is a whopping 18 pounds, which is good.

What is the biggest walleye caught in Minnesota?

17 pounds, 8 ounces
The state record for Walleye is 17 pounds, 8 ounces. The walleye is the most sought-after fish in Minnesota. Its thick, white fillets, and elusive nature make it the ultimate prize among anglers. The average Walleye caught and kept is about 14 inches long and weighs slightly more than a pound.

What is the biggest walleye ever caught?

25 pounds
So let the record be known in the walleye world that the world record walleye of 25 pounds which measured 41 inches in length was caught by Mabry Harper in the great state of Tennessee in 1960 was a most well documented claim and there has never been any evidence to prove the contrary.

Where is the best walleye fishing?

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