Where is AirDog manufactured?

Shelbyville, Indiana
Under the management and direction of DieselRx ® and Shares, Inc., PureFlow AirDog’s production and order fulfillment program is housed in DieselRx ®’s ISO Certified, 70,000 square foot facility in Shelbyville, Indiana.

What is AirDog?

The AirDog® Fuel Preporator® removes various contaminates, including entrained air/vapor, particulates and moisture, and removes excess fuel not needed by engines, allowing the fuel to flow through the regulator and return to the fuel tank.

When was AirDog founded?

Airdog Mission Silicon Valley Air Expert Inc. is a company founded by a group of technology experts and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley in 2007. Our founder Dr.

Who makes AirDog lift pumps?

PureFlow AirDog®
PureFlow AirDog® manufactures and supplies AirDog® Fuel Air Separation Systems and Raptor® high performance lift pumps for diesel pick-up trucks.

What is the lift pump?

A lift pump can be defined as a low-pressure pump whose core functions is to transport fuel to a high-pressure pump. In older engines, fuel pressure is directed into the injection pump where higher pressure boosts it through an injector.

Which AirDog should I buy?

AirDog ® and AirDog ® II 100 units are recommended for up to 500 horsepower. AirDog ® 150 and AirDog ® II 165 units are recommended for horsepower up to 1000. AirDog ® II 200 units are recommended for anything that exceeds 1000 horsepower.

What is the difference between AirDog and AirDog 2?

The pump and base assembly are designed differently from the original AirDog. It has a low amperage motor providing efficiency. The pump assembly on the AirDog II-4G has a Dual Inlet design allowing more fuel to flow into the Gerotor. This allows the pump to increase volume without having to work any harder.

Can you put cat filters on AirDog?

NOTE: You will have to slightly modify your lift pump to accept the larger CAT filter. The 2 corners of the mounting bracket will have to be ground back and the plastic filter retainers on the bottom of the lift pump need to be removed. Once those 2 simple modifications are made, your CAT filter will spin right on!

How common is CP4 failure Duramax?

Registered. I have read that as much as 7% of CP4 fail on LML Duramax.

Is AirDog better than Fass?

Both will get the job done and both will work with you to provide the best product. Hunter’s take: I prefer the Airdog slightly over the Fass on the Duramax trucks because of the better mounting system and the motor design. Filters can be changed out as both have cross filter reference guides.

What filters can I use with an AirDog?

These Filters work with All AirDog and AirDoge II Kits….

  • NAPA: 3420.
  • WIX: 33420.
  • Baldwin: BF-7531.
  • Fleetguard: 5613.
  • Donaldson: P551315.
  • LuberFiner: LFF3545.

How do you prevent CP4 pump failure?

The problem with the CP4 pump is so well known that several companies sell expensive kits that cost up to $3,600 (before labor costs) to try to prevent the problem. Popular fixes involve boosting the fuel pressure with an additional pump, or replacing the CP4 with the more reliable, but less fuel efficient, CP3 pump.

Why the Duramax never had a lift pump?

But for some strange reason, the 6.6 Duramax came from the factory sans lift pump. The fuel takes the same path from the tank, through a filter, and into the injection pump, except now the CP3 is responsible for sucking fuel from the tank. This is true on every Duramax from the LB7 in 2001 to the LML in 2016.

What is the maximum suction pressure?

Because a perfect vacuum is never achieved and because some lift is lost to friction in the suction line, the maximum actual suction lift for a positive-displacement pump is approximately 22 ft. The maximum actual suction lift for a centrifugal pump is approximately 15 ft when pumping water from an open air tank.

What is the maximum height you can pump water?

The atmospheric pressure would be capable of sustaining a column of water 33.9 feet in height. If a pump could produce a perfect vacuum, the maximum height to which it could lift water at sea level would be 33.9 feet, as shown in Example 1.


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