Where are eleiko bumper plates made?

Most Eleiko bumper plates and other products are manufactured in Sweden or with Swedish materials. Ah, the famous Swedish manufacturing.

What country is eleiko from?

Eleiko is a Swedish company that designs, manufactures and markets powerlifting, weightlifting and strength training appliance. Headquartered in Halmstad, Sweden, Eleiko products are available in 180 countries worldwide.

How much does eleiko cost?

Eleiko is so confident about their product they offer a lifetime warranty on Olympic weightlifting competition and training bars!…Eleiko Weightlifting Bars.

Product Number Product Description Price in US Dollars
113-0050 5kg Eleiko Olympic Weightlifting Technique Bar $450

Are eleiko bumper plates calibrated?

FOR SMALLER INCREASES AND MANAGEABLE WEIGHT JUMPS For those times when smaller weight changes make all the difference, the Eleiko IWF Olympic Weightlifting Rubber Coated Change Plates are certified and calibrated for record setting lifts.

Do eleiko plates smell?

eleiko rubbercoated change plates – mild smell that is quite pleasant – smells like hospital / medicine.

Who founded eleiko?

One being an amateur Swedish weightlifter by the name of Mr. Hellström. When he was not on the platform, Hellström was supervising the production of Eleiko iron waffles. So concerned had Hellström become that he devised the idea of producing a new, stronger form of weightlifting bar.

Who founded Eleiko?

Does Eleiko ship to Canada?

Premium Gym equipment – Free shipping in the US & Canada, for a limited time. Tags: eleiko.

What are eleiko plates made out of?

Product Summary & Specs Our high standard is verified by our rigorous 3,000 times drop tests, and our unique rubber which resists damage and deformation, meaning discs just keep on going for years to come. Eleiko Sport Training Discs feature colored rubber with a vulcanized hub that is set into the discs.

How accurate are eleiko plates?

Accuracy – With a weight tolerance of +/- 10 grams, calibrated plates are the most accurate iron plate available. Each plate is equipped with precise calibration plugs on the back to dial in the weight nearly perfectly.

What’s wrong with bumper plates?

Without proper force reduction and minimizing vibration, bumper plates will eventually fail. The constant impact of bumper plates with a hard surface will cause failure ultimately, resulting in broken plates. Most weight room floors that we have inspected use a simple 3/8″ or 8mm recycled rubber for their flooring.

Can I mix bumper plates with regular plates?

You can mix bumper plates with iron plates without worrying about damaging your plates or barbell. However, this works as long as you add iron plates with the same weight or less to the bumper plates. Mixing bumper plates helps to protect your floor and barbell from damage.

How did Rogue Fitness get started?

Rogue originally started in 2007 in Toledo, Ohio, by Bill Henniger when he had difficulty finding the necessary equipment for his new gym, a CrossFit affiliate. He set up an e-commerce one-stop site roguefitness.com, with the intention of selling all the equipment necessary for a CrossFit gym.

How long does eleiko shipping take?

4–19 days
Typically, your order will arrive in 4–19 days depending on availability, order size and country.

Are eleiko plates in KG?

Smaller Increases Pair with the Eleiko Powerlifting Competition Change Plates for smaller weight increases. The plates are IPF approved metal plates with a large lip and curved edge for secure handling. Plates range from . 25 kg to 5 kg, with the 5 kg disc are white while all other change plates are chromed.

Are Eleiko plates the best?

Overall, the plates are very good but with a brand like Eleiko, I would expect their products to be flawless but I guess my expectations were set too high. I also own an Eleiko weightlifting 20k bar and some change plates. As far as the plates, they are soft if you compare them to competition plates.

Is Rogue or Eleiko better?

Rogue is a better value for bars and plates than Eleiko here in the U.S., but that’s unlikely to be true with shipping to Norway, and Eleiko has very high quality. I would still give the nod to Rogue for the rack not on quality but on options. They have a huge number of configurations and add-ons.

Should you deadlift with bumper plates?

Bumper plates are the only choice for deadlifts. Doing these types of exercises with cast iron weight plates will just end up damaging your equipment. There are different types of bumper plate – standard, crumb rubber and competition. Standard bumper plates are ideal for deadlifts.

How long does an eleiko bar last?


Spec Uesaka Training Bar Eleiko Training Bar
Sleeve Length 413mm 415mm
Barbell Length 2.2m 2.2m
Diameter 28mm 28mm
Warranty Lifetime 12 years
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