When was the movie Young At Heart made?

January 20, 1955 (USA)Young at Heart / Release date

How long is the movie Young at Heart?

1h 57mYoung at Heart / Running time

Did Doris Day make film with Frank Sinatra?

Young at Heart is a 1955 American musical film directed by Gordon Douglas and starring Doris Day and Frank Sinatra.

What did Doris Day think of Frank Sinatra?

She added that Frank Sinatra was a “very caring and very sweet” man on the set of “Young at Heart.” At a party on the set, one of Sinatra’s pals hurled a Kleenex box at Day (that she caught), and Sinatra escorted the man out of the building.

What songs did Doris Day sing?

Whatever Will Be, Will BeDream A Little Dream Of MePerhaps Perhaps PerhapsSentimental JourneySecret LoveIt’s Magic
Doris Day/Songs

Was Elvis Presley in the Rat Pack?

• Elvis’s one night with the “Rat Pack” In 1959, while Elvis was serving in Germany, Davis worked often on screen and stage with friends Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford. Elvis met the “Rat Pack” in March 1960, when he made his first post-army appearance in Miami on Sinatra’s TV special.

Who was Doris Day’s favorite co-star?

She would never actually designate someone as her favorite singing co-star, because she’d figure that saying something like that might disrespect those not chosen. But one thing is certain — for a while in the early Fifties she certainly had something special going on with Gordon MacRae.

Did Dean Martin and Elvis meet?

Dean attended a show of Elvis Presley’s residency at the International Hotel in Las Vegas on this day in 1969. In appreciation, The King sang a snippet of “Everybody Loves Somebody” during the set.

Did Sammy Davis Jr attend Elvis funeral?

On August 18, 1977, Sammy Davis, Jr., attended Elvis Presley’s funeral in Memphis.

Who was Doris Day’s favorite co star?

Who are the actors in young at heart?

Young at Heart Written by Lenore J. Coffee Julius J. Epstein Fanni Starring Doris Day Frank Sinatra Gig Young Ethel Music by Ray Heindorf Cinematography Ted D. McCord

What is the plot of young at heart?

Young at Heart (1954) The lives and romances of three sisters in a musical family; the youngest daughter’s life is complicated by the subsequent arrival of a charming composer and a cynical music arranger.

Who is the composer of young at heart?

This is one of the Warner musicals that bears no credit to any composer or conductor. Songs from the soundtrack were released as an album by Frank Sinatra and Doris Day, also titled Young at Heart.

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