When was Telangana movement was started?

1969 Telangana Agitation was a political movement for the statehood for Telangana region. The first person to raise the issue of Telangana happened in 1968 during October or November timeframe.

What are the movements for the formation of Telangana state?

A new party called Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), led by Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao (KCR), was formed in April 2001 with the single-point agenda of creating a separate Telangana state with Hyderabad as its capital.

Where did the Telangana movement take place?

The history of the Telangana movement refers to the political and social conditions under which the Telangana region was merged with Andhra State to form the state of Andhra Pradesh and the subsequent demands to reverse the merger to form a new state of Telangana from united Andhra Pradesh.

Who started Jai Andhra movement?

The movement In 1972, Gouthu Latchanna took a leading role in the Jai Andhra movement started by students of Andhra University demanding the division of Andhra Pradesh into old Andhra state and Telangana state on the issue of “Mulkhi” rules. He was imprisoned in Mushirabad Central Jail and released in 1973.

What is Mulki movement?

1952 Mulkhi Agitation or Mulkhi Agitation was a political movement for the safeguarding of jobs in Hyderabad State government for native residents, or Mulkis. It was the first event in Telangana Movement. The agitation lasted between July 26 to mid-September, 1952.

Who decided to break salt laws?

Gandhi, leader of the Indian nationalist movement, and Lord Irwin (later Lord Halifax), British viceroy (1926–31) of India. It marked the end of a period of civil disobedience (satyagraha) in India against British rule that Gandhi and his followers had initiated with the Salt March (March–April 1930).

When was Jai Andhra movement?

Jai Andhra movement is a 1972 political movement in support for the creation of Andhra state in the light of injustices felt by the people of the Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema Regions. This was after the HC and SC upheld the Mulki rules in existence at the time.

Who participated in Telangana Movement 2009?

2009 Assembly & Parliament Elections In the lead-up to the 2009 General Elections in India, all the major parties in Andhra Pradesh supported the formation of Telangana. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) again announced that they would create two more states, Telangana and Gorkhaland, if they won the election.

Why is Gandhi so opposed to the salt tax?

Since salt was a nutritional necessity in India’s steamy climate, Gandhi saw the salt laws as an inexcusable evil.

Why did Gandhi launch the Salt March?

Considering Salt Tax as the most inhuman tax, Gandhi identified it with mass suffering which created discontent allover the country. So, Gandhi decided to launch the Salt Satyagraha in 1930.

Who started Vishalandhra movement?

This movement was led by the Communist Party of India under the banner of Andhra Mahasabha with a demand to merge all the Telugu-speaking areas into one state. (The Communist Party of India demanded for the formation of similar linguistic states across India.)

Who announced the process of forming the Telangana state on 9th December 2009?

In 2009, Union Minister of Home Affairs P. Chidambaram announced that the Indian government would start the process of forming a separate Telangana state, pending the introduction and passage of a separation resolution in the Andhra Pradesh assembly after an 11-day fast by Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao.

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