When can I catch white perch in NJ?

Winter through early spring is the most productive time to catch white perch, because at this time, they are tightly schooled and ravenous. Mid-winter white perch make are a fun reason to bundle up and hit the water. White perch are a mystery to many anglers from the saltwater side of the game.

What is the best tide to catch white perch?

The ideal time to fish is at the end of high tide and then through the turn to low tide as the fish stack up in these areas anticipating a free meal being swept by – their primary forage being grass shrimp. They also will eat insect larvae and small minnows.

What fish are in season in Jersey?

Tuna (Albacore, bluefin, bigeye, skipjack and yellowfin): Year-round open season, except for the bluefin season which is open until federal regulators close it for the year. All tuna species are found far offshore in the deep ocean, and tend to be off of New Jersey in the summer and early fall, according to the NJDEP.

What is the best rig for white perch?

Rig a size 4 baitholder hook below a 1/2-ounce sinker and bait up with grass shrimp, seaworms or even nightcrawlers if your local tackle shop isn’t stocking bloodworms or sandworms yet. In cold water, white perch concentrate into large schools, so once you find them, the action can be fast and furious.

What is the best lure for white perch?

A Beetle Spin is one of the best fishing lures for white perch. Artificial lures count for a fair share of catches as well. A Mepps #2 spinners, shad darts, or small bucktail all are good choices, but there is one bait that has never let me down, no matter where I cast a line for white perch.

What is the best bait for white perch?

Try live bait. White perch love fish delicacies such as worms, minnows and shrimp.

How many white perch can you keep in NJ?

Size, Season & Creel Limits

Daily Limit
Rock Bass, White Perch, Yellow Perch, Sunfish (see below for sunfish exceptions), Bullheads, White Catfish, Suckers, Carp, Bowfin, Pumpkinseed and all other species with no specified creel limit. 25 combined
10 combined
10 combined

Where is the best crappie fishing in New Jersey?

Some of the lakes in New Jersey with excellent black crappie populations include Assunpink Lake, Swartswood Lake, Lake Lenape (Atlantic County), Union Lake (pdf, 430kb), Greenwood Lake, Delaware Lake (pdf, 500kb), and Lake Musconetcong. Seasonal movements of black crappies are similar to other warmwater fish species.

Can you snag bunker in NJ?

Can I still snag menhaden (bunker) for bait? A. Yes, you can use another hook type (e.g. treble hook) to snag menhaden. Once you’ve snagged a bunker, you’ll need to transfer it to a circle hook to target striped bass.

What is the best time to catch white perch?

In April through June, white perch migrate from larger estuaries up into rivers to spawn. This makes for great shore fishing and a denser concentration of fish. Fish river mouths. Tributaries outflow into bays create a thriving brackish estuary ideal for catching white perch.

What size hooks for white perch?

Hooks. When fishing for relatively small fish like white perch, use smaller hooks like a size 5 or size 6. White perch are not big enough or strong enough to bend even small hooks like these.

Can you eat white perch in New Jersey?

Early Spring White Perch – A Treat Sweet to Eat! Without a doubt, white perch are one of the finest eating fishes found in New Jersey’s waters. The fillets when cooked are succulent, sweet and firm in texture. Easily caught in fresh or brackish water, white perch can be caught by the basketful.

Where can I fish for white perch in Delaware?

Areas along the Delaware Bay around Fortescue and further west have been having good white perch action along some of the rivers. The best bet for the weekend will be to soak bloodworms along the bay areas and there are plenty of spots so you don’t always need a boat, especially during the early part of the season.

When does the white perch fishing season start?

The season opens March 1 and Kerico expects the fishing will be good. Capt. Dave Showell at Absecon Bay Sportsmen in Absecon said the white perch fishing was very good during the brief warm spell with plenty of fish caught in the tidal rivers.

Where are the striped bass and white perch in May?

They are booking striped bass and sea trips for the month of May, so now is the time to get on the schedule. Tony’s Bait & Tackle in Manahawkin reported some white perch being caught in areas of beach haven west, but the action has been sporadic. The better bite has been along parts of the Mullica River on grass shrimp and pieces of bloodworms.

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