What was MJS quote in no way home?

In Marvel’s latest ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, Peter Parker’s girlfriend MJ has a simple philosophy: “If you expect disappointment, then you can never really be disappointed.”

What was the original script for Spider-Man no way home?

Chris McKenna
Erik Sommers
Spider-Man: No Way Home/Screenplay

How old is spidy?

Peter Parker (Earth-96283)

Real name: Peter Parker
Aliases: The Human Spider, The Wall-Crawler, The Web-Slinger, Web-Head, Spidey
Alignment: Good
Age: 18 (Spider-Man) 20 (Spider-Man 2) 21 (Spider-Man 3) (Born 1984)

What does Neds Lola say in Nwh?

This is when Ned’s lola enters the scene and reacts to the two Spider-Men. “Salamangka,” she says, alluding to the magic unfolding before their very eyes. Later on, she makes the scene even more familiar and funny when she asks Andrew’s Spider-Man if he can crawl on walls, and asks him to clean up the ceiling.

Is Emma Stone going to be Spider Gwen?

Emma Stone last appeared in a Marvel film in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. What is interesting here is that Emma isn’t going to reprise her original role as just Gwen Stacy – she’ll be the one to suit up as Spider-Man this time around.

How old is May Parker?

This is the youngest version of Aunt May to be introduced into the films, being at least in her late 30’s/early 40’s, while most other versions depict her as being old enough to be Peter’s grandmother or at least already having gray hair.

How old is Ned Spider-Man?

Batalon achieved international recognition playing Ned Leeds in five Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero films, beginning with Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)….

Jacob Batalon
Born October 9, 1996 Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Nationality United States
Occupation Actor
Years active 2016–present

Is Ned Leeds a villain?

In the comics, the character of Ned Leeds eventually turns into a villain, the menacing Hobgoblin. When Batalon lost weight for his role in No Way Home, speculations of him becoming Hobgoblin in the film surfaced for the first time.

Is Nick Fury MJ’s dad?

According to a fan theory, MJ is the daughter of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), who kept his family away when he went into hiding after he was targeted by Hydra in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”.

Did electro tease Miles Morales?

Electro Tease Miles Morales in No Way Home During Spider-Man: No Way Home’s climactic Statue of Liberty fight, Jamie Foxx’s Electro teases the idea of Miles Morales. After Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker takes down Electro, the two spark a conversation regarding Spidey’s identity.

What did Neds grandma say?

Even the mere detail that Ned calls her “Lola,” the Tagalog word for grandmother, is a moment of representation that Filipinos rarely see on the big screen.

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