What was life like in Victorian schools?

Teaching was mainly by rote, with children learning things by simply repeating and memorizing what was said by their teachers. There was little room for creativity or developing talents; an emphasis was placed on learning to read and write. (The Victorian School).

How did Victorian children go to school?

At the start of the Victorian era, very few children actually attended school. Children from rich families would be educated at home by a governess (a female teacher). At the age of ten, boys would go to public schools, such as Eton or Harrow, and girls would continue their education at home.

Was school free in the Victorian era?

1889: Schooling age raised to thirteen. 1891: School pence fee abolished, and all primary education becomes free.

What were public schools like in the 1800s?

In the small one-room schoolhouses of the 18th century, students worked with teachers individually or in small groups, skipped school for long periods of time to tend crops and take care of other family duties, and often learned little. Others didn’t go to school at all, taking private lessons with tutors instead.

Did Victorian schools have toilets?

The toilets were outside. In the first 32 years of St Thomas School there were 11 head teachers and almost twice as many assistants. Of the head teachers, the shortest stay was only three months. The longest stay was ten years.

What did the Victorians do at school?

Children were often taught by reading and copying things down, or chanting things till they were perfect. In many Victorian schools pupil-teachers helped with the teaching. The pupil-teachers were boys and girls of 13 and over. After five years of apprenticeship they could themselves become teachers.

What was taught in the schools during the 1800s?

They learned reading, writing, math, geography, and history. Teachers would call a group of students to the front of the classroom for their lesson, while other grades worked at their seats. Sometimes older kids helped teach the younger pupils.

What was a normal school in the 1800s?

The Normal School This was a laboratory school where children on both the primary or secondary levels were taught, and where their teachers, and the instructors of those teachers, learned together in the same building.

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