What mags fit a Taurus PT111?

Taurus G3C/G2C/PT111 G2 Compact 9mm 10-Round Magazine/Mag/Clip 358-0023-01.

What magazines are compatible with Taurus G2c 9mm?

The pistol accepts a 9mm round magazine. However, when it comes to size, it depends on how many rounds you think are appropriate for your shooting demands. The G2c pistol comes with two magazines right out of the box, which is fantastic.

Is a Taurus G2C 9mm a good gun for a woman?

Taurus G2C – 9mm, . A driftable rear sight, good ergonomics, and quite nice trigger give this striker-fired pistol the feel of being a more expensive gun than it is. The only exception is that there is no choice of not having a manual safety; every G2C has one.

Do they make a extended magazine for Taurus G2c?

There are several different sizes of extended magazines that fit a Taurus G2C. They range from 12 rounds up to 50 rounds.

Do they make a extended magazine for Taurus G2C?

Does Taurus make extended magazines?

Capacity & Size If you conceal carry your Taurus G2C, a magazine that is three times the length of a standard magazine is virtually impossible to conceal. Fortunately, extended mags come in different sizes so you can pick one that suits you.

What are the best 9mm magazines to buy?

If you’re looking for a great and reliable magazine to pair with your pistol, then the Sig Sauer 9mm 15-Round magazine would be right up your alley. With 15 rounds of shots at your disposal, your shooting experience will definitely be a lot more enjoyable with this magazine. Check For Best Price 2. Taurus G2C 9mm Luger 10 Rd

Is there an extended 20 round magazine for the PT-111 Millennium Pro G2?

Looking for an extended 20 round magazine for your Taurus PT-111 Millennium Pro G2 pistol? Constructed from heat-treated blued-steel, with a follower, lock-plate, and base-plate molded from a proprietary DuPont Zytel based black polymer, this magazine will fit the bill.

What is a 9mm extended Glock magazine made of?

9mm extended Glock magazines are built with the same polymer and steel design as factory Glock magazines. Designed for use with Glock. Internal springs are made from heat-treated chrome silicon wire, and like many new extended magazines might need to be loaded and reloaded several times before accepting full capacity.

What is the best concealed carry 9mm 10 round magazine?

Taurus G2C 9mm 10-round Magazine The Taurus GSC 9mm 10-round magazine sticks out as one of the best magazines that are specifically designed for concealed carry purposes. The smooth combination of steel and polymer makes the magazine super strong and capable of withstanding almost all kinds of impact.

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