What kind of costumes do you wear for Mardi Gras?

Costumes are the life blood of Carnival season in New Orleans. During Mardi Gras, you’ll stick out if you’re NOT wearing a costume, or at least an accessory like some feathers, glitter, or a funky hat. At the very minimum, you may want to dress in the official colors of Carnival – purple, green, and gold.

How do people dress for Mardi Gras in New Orleans?

There’s no dress code unless you’re attending some Mardi Gras balls or certain parties, and pretty much anything goes. Thinking ahead will ensure that you’re comfortable but also feeling good about what you’re wearing during your visit.

What do the costumes represent in Mardi Gras?

Colors: The traditional colors of Mardi Gras were chosen in 1872 by Rex, the King of Carnival. The three colors are purple (representing justice), gold (signifying power), and green (symbolizing faith).

What do you wear to a Mardi Gras themed party?

Consider the traditional Mardi Gras colors when creating your outfit. Purple, green, and gold are the key colors for the holiday. Purple symbolizes justice, green means faith and gold is power. Mardi Gras also retains influences from French masquerade balls; therefore, masks with feathers are another common accessory.

What do you wear to a New Orleans themed party?

While costumes of any color combination are welcome at a festive Mardi Gras party, purple, green and gold are the traditional colors. The color scheme was selected in 1872; purple represents justice, green is for faith and gold is for power.

What should I wear on Bourbon Street?

The vibe on Bourbon Street is high energy, fun, and casual. Most people are dressed down, while showing some skin. The weather is humid so be prepared to get a little sweaty. I recommend wearing something light and comfortable like a tank dress or romper.

What is the dress code in New Orleans?

I live in New Orleans and can tell you that there is not really a dress code at all. The French Quarter is a place where you will see all extremes–you’ll see everything from half naked women to women and men dressed to the nines. It’s very dynamic. So you’re bound to fit in no matter what you wear!!

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