What is TV parity alarm in Fanuc?

Fanuc Alarm 2 TV PARITY ALARM. Fanuc Alarm Description. TV alarm (The number of characters in a block is odd). This alarm will be generated only when the TV check is effective.

What is PSM in Fanuc?

FANUC Power Supply Alarms Internal cooling circuit failure, Overload, Input supply voltage imbalance, IPM failure, or control supply voltage decrease of the power module. 01, 1. PSM-15 to PSM-55.

What is TV check Fanuc?

Checking whether the total number of characters in a block (starting immediately after an end–of–block code and ending at the next end–of–block code) is even or odd.

How do I clear my memory Fanuc OT?

The power turned off while rewriting the memory by program edit operation. If this alarm has occurred, press (RESET) while pressing (PROG),and only the program being edited will be deleted.

How do I load a program on a Fanuc controller?

We must follow these steps to load a program from a USB drive:

  1. Plug the USB drive on the teach pendant.
  2. Select Menu➔File.
  3. Select Utilities➔Set device➔USB.
  4. Select DIR.
  5. Select the TP or LS program file from the USB disk (BALLBARTEST.TP for example)
  6. Select the program in the FR memory and select LOAD (screen button)

What is toggle relay?

The Toggle Relay is used to switch loads on and off via pushbutton operation. Circuit diagram S1: With the step switching relay a load can be switched via a button. If a positive/negative impulse is applied to Terminal 15, the relay switches and holds itself.

What is a latched relay?

A latching relay is a two-position electrically actuated switch that maintains either contact position indefinitely without any power being sent to the coil and is a perfect choice to reduce the power consumption of a system.

What is a latching fault?

A drive will inhibit its output if it experiences a fault. If the fault condition goes away, the drive will normally re-enable. Sometimes it is desirable for the drive to remain inhibited even if the fault goes away. This behavior is called a latching fault.

What is Fanuc APC?

Absolute Pulse Code System or APC: A positional information system for servomotors that relies on battery-backed RAM to store encoder pulse counts when the robot is turned off. This system is calibrated when it is turned on.

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