What is the use of kavach Syngenta?

Kavach contains Chlorothalonil is a broad spectrum contact fungicide and is highly effective against Anthracnose. Fruit Rots, Tikka disease, Early and Late Blight on various crops. Gives outstanding results when used prophylactically.

Which is the best fungicide in India?

Fungicides Products in India

  • Dhanuka M-45. Mancozeb 75% WP.
  • Vitavax Power. Carboxin 37.5% + Thiram 37.5% WS.
  • Dhanustin. Carbendazim 50% WP.
  • Dhanucop. Copper Oxychloride 50% WP.
  • Hexadhan Plus. Hexaconazole 5% SC.
  • Zerox. Propiconazole 25% EC.
  • Kirari. Amisulbrom 20% SC. 150 ml.
  • Nissodium. Cyflufenamid 5% EW. 60 ml, 120 ml, 200 ml.

How do you use Amistar fungicide?

Half fill the spray tank with clean water and start agitation. Shake the closed AMISTAR container. Whilst filling the remainder of the spray tank add the required amount of AMISTAR, adding any tank mix products last. Maintain agitation until spraying is complete.

What is copper oxychloride used for?

Description. Copper Oxychloride Fungicide is for the control of fungal and bacterial diseases in fruit and vegetable crops, citrus, stone fruit, pome fruit and ornamentals. Why choose Copper Oxychloride Fungicide; Economical control of a wide range of fungal and bacterial diseases in many crops and situations.

What is Ampligo?

AMPLIGO is an insecticide for the control of insect pests in Forage Brassicas.

Is AMISTAR systemic?

Offering preventive, systemic and curative activity, Amistar® Top contains two fungicides to provide broad-spectrum control of many important vegetable, rice, cotton, citrus, and tree nut diseases, including leaf spots, blights and powdery mildew.

How do you use copper oxychloride 50% WP?

It is used as fungicide to control Scab, Anthracnose, Anthracnose, Downy mildew, Early blight, and Late blight diseases of various crops , vegetables, Potato, Tomato, Tea, Coconuts, spices, and Tobacco , fruits, Grapes, Banana, nuts, and commercial sod farms.

What is the function of AMISTAR Top?

What is Cabrio fungicide?

® Cabrio® is a new strobilurin fungicide that contains 250 g/L Pyraclostrobin. It actively prevents energy production within mitochondria, effectively stopping any cellular activity within the fungal cells.

Which is better copper hydroxide and copper oxychloride?

Generally, copper hydroxide and copper oxychloride are important as fungicides. The key difference between copper hydroxide and copper oxychloride is that copper hydroxide is useful as an alternative for fungicides, whereas copper oxychloride is a fungicide that we commonly use.

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