What is the red wire on a timer switch?

The timers black (hot) goes to the phase (hot) of the mains. The timers red (load) goes to the black (hot) of the switch/fan (as that is the load).

In which of the three wires should the switch be connected?

Switch should be connected to the neutral wire.

What is the neutral wire in a 3-way switch?

The other wires in a circuit with 3-way switches are the neutral (usually white) and ground (usually bare copper or green). The neutral wire bypasses both 3-way switches but connects to the light fixture. The ground connects to the ground terminal on each switch and to the light fixture.

Which wires go on a 3 way switch?

With a three-way switch, three wires connect the pair of switches—two black “traveler” wires and a third “common” wire. When the circuit’s power is turned on, any of these may be “hot,” depending upon how the switches are toggled.

How do you tell which wires are line vs load?

Load Wire – Generally connected to the top half of your switch. If the wire is coming from the top of the switch box, it is likely your load wire. Line Wire – Generally connected to the bottom half of your switch. In some cases, line wires are marked with “line”, “pwr”, or a lightning bolt symbol.

How do I contact Leviton technical services for help with vpt24?

Visit leviton.com/vpt24 or contact Technical Services at 1-800-824-3005 for additional help. 12PM 12AM Event MTWThFSaSu NOTE: When subtracting time, a negative symbol (-) will appear before the time duration.

How do I enable the vpt24 to provide accurate local sunup/sundown times?

Find your longitude and latitude coordinates to enable the VPT24 to provide accurate local sunup/sundown times by clicking the link below and entering your home address. Use the first 2 digits (degrees) of the coordinates when programming the sunup/sundown feature. Ignore the (-) sign if one is shown in your coordinate results.

What is the UPC code for vpt24-1pz indoor decora?

VPT24-1PZ UPC Code : 078477477557 Country Of Origin : China programming videos below VPT24-1PZ Indoor Decora 24-Hour Programmable Timer Indoor Decora 24-Hour Programmable Timer 120VAC, 60HZ, 1800W

Is a neutral wire required with a vpt24 16 timer?

The VPT24-16 model was designed specifically to comply 2019 California Title 24, Part 6 Residential Outdoor Control Device Requirements. Is a neutral wire required with the VPT24 timer? Yes, a neutral wire is required for installation. What does the offset setting do?

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