What is the problem with quantizing gravity?

Strictly speaking, quantizing gravity is not the problem – gravity can be perturbatively quantized. The problem is that the so quantized theory is perturbatively non-renormalizable and cannot be understood as a fundamental theory. It breaks down at high energies when quantum gravity would be most interesting.

Is Einstein’s theory of gravity correct?

Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity represents the best understanding of gravity so far. A major prediction of his theory is the emission of gravity waves by massive dynamic systems.

Is the Newtonian theory correct?

Extra spatial dimensions–beyond the three we know–could alter Newton’s inverse-square law of gravity at short distances. But new measurements show that Newton is correct down to at least 200 micrometers. You might think that Newton’s law of gravity is about as solid as any principle in physics.

Is the theory of relativity wrong?

General relativity: Cosmologist discusses Einstein’s theory But the theory is not foolproof and despite its many accurate predictions, scientists have been unable to unite it with some of the fundamental forces governing the universe.

Who disproved the theory of relativity?

In 1935, Silberstein claimed to have found a contradiction in the Two-body problem in general relativity. The claim was refuted by Einstein and Rosen (1935).

Who disproved Newton’s theory?

Albert Einstein
In 1915, Albert Einstein put forth a new alternative theory of gravity: General Relativity. The way to test it against Newton’s theory was to wait for a total solar eclipse. 100 years ago today, Einstein was proven right.

Can we create gravitons?

If gravitons exist, it should be possible to create them at the LHC, but they would rapidly disappear into extra dimensions. Collisions in particle accelerators always create balanced events – just like fireworks – with particles flying out in all directions.

What’s wrong with quantum theory?

The trouble is that in quantum mechanics the way that wave functions change with time is governed by an equation, the Schrödinger equation, that does not involve probabilities. It is just as deterministic as Newton’s equations of motion and gravitation.

Can quantum mechanics be wrong?

It is not merely a matter of doing experiments at low energy, but it also depends on how sensitive you are to the corrections coming from quantum field theory. So, yes, quantum mechanics is technically wrong. It’s only an approximation to the more complete framework of quantum field theory.

What is wrong with the theory of relativity?

Reasons for criticism of the theory of relativity have included alternative theories, rejection of the abstract-mathematical method, and alleged errors of the theory. According to some authors, antisemitic objections to Einstein’s Jewish heritage also occasionally played a role in these objections.

Can general relativity wrong?

So far General Relativity (GR) has shown to be valid in all verifiable tests, concerning consensus opinion. It may have flaws in it mathematically but so far it has been acknowledged as being correct.

What is nonsymmetric gravitational theory?

Nonsymmetric gravitational theory From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search In theoretical physics, the nonsymmetric gravitational theory[1](NGT) of John Moffatis a classicaltheory of gravitationthat tries to explain the observation of the flat rotation curves of galaxies.

Does Newtonian gravity violate the weak equivalence principle?

This suggests that the theory of gravitation has geometric origins; that is not the case with Newtonian gravity. Which, in fact, violates the weak equivalence principle in a more direct way, too, once the mass-energy equivalence of special relativity is taken into account.

Can a simply geometric transformation get rid of gravity?

Third, the concept of the weak equivalence principle (namely that all bodies, regardless of their material composition, respond to gravity the same way) has the important implication that at least in the immediate vicinity of a freefalling object, a simply geometric transformation can “get rid” of gravity.

Can a general (nonsymmetric) tensor be decomposed into a symmetric one?

A general (nonsymmetric) tensor can always be decomposed into a symmetric and an antisymmetricpart.

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