What is the meaning of devoirs in English?

duty, responsibility
Definition of devoir 1 : duty, responsibility. 2 : a usually formal act of civility or respect.

Is Les devoirs masculine or feminine?

For instance, you’ll want to watch out for the masculine noun le devoir, which means “the duty” and les devoirs, which means “homework.” These two can be the most confusing. Devoir causes other problems in translation because it can mean should, must, ought to, have to, or supposed to.

How do you use dois in French?

In its most basic meaning, Je dois means I must. Used In its conditional tense, Je devrais means I should or I ought to. Used In the negative, devoir implies forbidding.

Should lawless French?

Devoir – must, to have to – Lawless French Verb.

What is the meaning of Je dois?

Translation of “je dois” in English. Adverb. I have to I must I need to I gotta I got to I should I’m i’ve got to I’ve gotta should I.

How do you express necessity in French?

Expressing necessity and obligation in French with “il faut”

What is Le subjonctif?

Le subjonctif (the subjunctive) is a grammatical mood similar to the indicative, the passive, the conditional or the imperative. The subjunctive emphasises the subjectivity of a sentence, and it is mostly used in dependent clauses that start with que.

What is the difference between Bois and Boit in French?

What’s the difference? If you’re talking about the verb, which is “boire” (means “to drink”), you use “boit” for “il boit”, meaning “he drinks”, and “bois” for “je bois, tu bois”, meaning “I drink, you drink”. “Bois” can also mean “wood” as a noun.

What is the French verb to drink?

Boire, meaning “to drink,” is a very common French verb that is also a highly irregular -re verb.

What is L obligation in French?

1. (= duty) obligation f. to have an obligation to sb [parent, person in need] avoir une obligation envers qn.

How do you express need in French?

Avoir besoin de + [infinitif] always means need to [do], as it literally means “to have need of”. As for expressing to need [something], it will always be avoir besoin de [quelque chose] : Elle a besoin d’aide.

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