What is the Gomorrah film called?

L’Immortale (The Immortal)
The following contains spoilers from the TV series Gomorrah. After the season four finale of Gomorrah aired last night on Sky Italia, the closing credits revealed the first trailer for the highly anticipated prequel film L’Immortale (The Immortal), directed by and starring Marco D’Amore.

What is the movie Gomorrah about?

In the slums of Campania, the Camorra crime syndicate has created a fortune out of cocaine, corruption and chemical waste. Some try to fight back, like teens Ciro (Ciro Petrone) and Marco (Marco Macor), who decide to steal a Camorra weapons cache in a bid to take control themselves. Others try to hide, like Pasquale (Salvatore Cantalupo), a tailor trying to get around paying protection fees. But the realization sets in: The Camorra is too large, too deeply embedded in Italy to be fought.Gomorrah / Film synopsis

When should you watch Gomorrah film?

It is better to watch this powerful italian crime film when following GOMORRA series too, and watch this film between season 4 and 5 of the TV show. But for those who are reluctant to watch a 58 episodes series, and there are many of them, then the film can be OK to be seen anyway.

Is Gomorrah a good series?

In Its Final Season, Gomorrah Continues to Be the Best Crime Show You’ve Never Seen. Gomorrah, the Italian crime show whose fifth season is now available in the U.S. on HBO Max, is the kind of great show that sneaks up on you.

What are the apartments in Gomorrah?

Bulldozers have begun tearing down one of the four sail-shaped tower blocks in the Scampia housing estate in Naples, one of the biggest drug-dealing centres in Europe and the setting for the Italian TV drama Gomorrah. For decades these run-down apartment blocks have been the scene of bloody wars between Camorra clans.

What is the name of the movie Gomorrah?

Gomorrah (film) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Gomorrah (Italian: Gomorra) is a 2008 Neapolitan-language Italian film directed by Matteo Garrone, based on the book by Roberto Saviano, who also collaborated in the screenplay.

Is plot the main point of Gomorrah?

But plot was never the main point of “Gomorrah,” a show that packages dime-novel emotions with such high Italian style that you bask in it rather than watch it.

Is ‘the Immortal’ a prequel to ‘Gomorrah’?

“The Immortal,” a film prequel to the hit TV series “Gomorrah,” is set for release Thursday on 450 screens in Italy in what its distributors are touting as a unique cross-media experiment.

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