What is the dictionary definition of inviolate?

Definition of inviolate : not violated or profaned especially : pure.

What is an example of inviolate?

The definition of inviolate is something secure or unbroken. An example of inviolate is an ancient holy place that remains unspoiled by human occupation.

What is an antonym for inviolate?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for inviolate. blasphemous, irreverent, profane, sacrilegious.

How do you use inviolate in a sentence?

Inviolate in a Sentence ūüĒČ

  1. Secured in a glass display case, the painting was kept inviolate.
  2. This coin was the only part of his collection that was truly inviolate, left completely safe over the years by its plastic case.

How do you spell Envolent?


What is the meaning of indolently?

habitually lazy
1a : averse to activity, effort, or movement : habitually lazy. b : showing an inclination to laziness an indolent sigh. c : conducive to or encouraging laziness indolent heat.

Is Envolent a word?

What does Precipitantly mean?

hasty; rash
adjective. falling headlong. rushing headlong, rapidly, or hastily onward. hasty; rash.

What does the name Inviolata mean?

inviolato: inviolato (Italian) Adjective inviolato (masc.) (fem. inviolata, masc. pl. inviolati, fem. pl. inviolate) inviolate virgin (forest etc) unscaled (mountain etc) Related words &… Lycosa : …inornata, Lycosa insulana, Lycosa insularis, Lycosa intermedialis, Lycosa interstitialis, Lycosa inviolata , Lycosa iranii, Lycosa ishikariana, Lycosa isolata, Lycosa jagadalpurensis, Lycosa…

What does inviscerating mean?

inviscerate ( third-person singular simple present inviscerates, present participle inviscerating, simple past and past participle inviscerated) To breed; to nourish.

What does inviolated mean?

inviolate (Adjective) Not violated; free from violation or hurt of any kind; secure against violation or impairment. His fortune of arms was still inviolate. uE000230964uE001 Francis Bacon. Etymology: From inviolatus. inviolate (Adjective) Incorruptible. Etymology: From inviolatus.

What does inviolably mean?

Not violable; not susceptible of violence, or of being profaned or corrupted; incapable of being injured; not to be infringed or dishonoured. Etymology: From inviolabilis.

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