What is the best calculator online?

The Best Online Scientific Calculators

  • Desmos Scientific. Desmos is a free-to-use calculator that provides easy access to primary functions, variables, and trigonometric calculations.
  • Meta Calculator.
  • GeoGebra.
  • Bankrate.
  • Nerdwallet.
  • CreditKarma.
  • Fidelity Retirement Calculator.
  • Ultimate Retirement Calculator.

What is the tan inverse of 3?

Inverse Tangent Table

Tangent Angle (degrees) Angle (radians)
–√3 3 -30° –π 6
0 0
√3 3 30° π 6
1 45° π 4

What is the value cos 60?

The value of cos 60 is 1/2. Trigonometry is used to study the measurements of right-angled triangles that deals with the parameters such as length, height and angles of the triangle.

What is the value of cot 40?

Cot 40 degrees is the value of cotangent trigonometric function for an angle equal to 40 degrees. The value of cot 40° is 1.1918 (approx).

How do you do sin 42?

The value of sin 42 degrees can be calculated by constructing an angle of 42° with the x-axis, and then finding the coordinates of the corresponding point (0.7431, 0.6691) on the unit circle. The value of sin 42° is equal to the y-coordinate (0.6691). ∴ sin 42° = 0.6691.

How do you write cos 2x on a calculator?

For either the graphic solution or the algebraic solution it is important to realize that cos2x = (cos x)(cos x) = (cos x)2. To enter cos2x into your calculator, calculate cos x and square it. For an algebraic solution write y = cos x and then the equation becomes 2 y2 – 3 y – 4 = 0.

How do you find the inverse tangent of 6?

To find the value of tan 6 degrees using the unit circle:

  1. Rotate ‘r’ anticlockwise to form 6° angle with the positive x-axis.
  2. The tan of 6 degrees equals the y-coordinate(0.1045) divided by x-coordinate(0.9945) of the point of intersection (0.9945, 0.1045) of unit circle and r.

What fraction is cos 60?

The value of cos 60 is 1/2.

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