What is RMA Western Digital?

RMA status includes shipping and receiving status, detailed credit pricing, credit memo, and more. Check Warranty Status. Check and Download the Warranty Status of your Serial Numbers.  Useful Links.

Does WD provide international warranty?

No warranty service is provided unless the Product is returned to an authorized return center in the region (warranty regions are identified as Canada, U.S.A., Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, India and Thailand) where the Product was first shipped by WD, which may have regional specific …

What does RMA stand for in shipping?

return merchandise authorization
An RMA (return merchandise authorization) is a numbered authorization provided by a mail-order merchant to permit the return of a product. Most mail-order businesses have a policy concerning returns. Some companies allow only defective products to be returned; others allow any software to be returned if it is unopened.

How do I return a WD product?

  1. You must send the product back to us using the UPS pre-paid shipping label, or a carrier of your own choice. If you are using our pre-paid shipping label, simply drop off the shipment at your local UPS facility.
  2. Send your Western Digital Store return to this address: Western Digital c/o Teleplan Service Logistics INC.

How do I cancel my Western Digital RMA?

how to cancel rma?? If you requested a Standard RMA then it will be automatically cancelled if you do not send your unit to WD within 30 days. If you requested an Advanced RMA then you will need to call WD Support and request for the RMA to be cancelled before the turn-around time (3 business days).

What is hard drive RMA?

The RMA Disk Retention Option eliminates the need to return hard disk drives when returning hardware for repairs or maintenance. You keep control of your data and its security. This option is also focused on compliance with privacy regulations.

How can I check my WD HDD warranty?

Western Digital Product warranties last for different periods of time. To determine the warranty period for your specific Product, please visit www.westerndigital.com/legal/warranty. A valid proof of purchase may be required to prove eligibility.

How do I return an RMA package?

return merchandise authorization (RMA)

  1. First, the customer must call the technical support office and speak with a technician.
  2. Secondly, the customer must write the RMA number on the outside of the box that the product is being shipped in.
  3. Finally, the customer mails the product.

How do I check my RMA status?

Click your account and go to My activities to check your ticket. 3. You may check your RMA status/Replacement tracking number/Refund Status on the right panel.

How do I return a product to WD?

Where do I find the RMA number?

The RMA number can be found printed directly on the return shipping label, eliminating the need to open the package to know which return a package is for.

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