What is Plusnet postal address?

Plusnet’s customer service team is on 0800 432 0200. You can also complain by writing to Plusnet plc, The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GU.

Where is Plusnet headquarters?

Sheffield, United KingdomPlusnet / Headquarters

How do I write to Plusnet?

Twitter. Send us a message on Twitter @Plusnet and we’ll do our best to help get you sorted. If you’ve got a problem with your broadband bill or you’re struggling with your payments, just give us a call on 0800 432 0200 and we’ll do all we can to help.

Where is Plusnet customer service based?

Our UK-based customer service team are multi-award winning because they’re super friendly and always happy to help. Happy customers make a happy Plusnet, and by keeping things simple and personal, happiness is exactly what happens.

How do I cancel my Plusnet contract?

Plusnet Mobile customers wishing to cancel their mobile service can dial 500 from their Plusnet mobile or 0800 079 1133 on any phone. To meet the cancellation period set out above, you must send your notice of cancellation to us, or you must have called us, before the cancellation period has expired.

Does Plusnet have an email address?

A Plusnet email address looks like this: [email protected]. You can use lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), underlining, hyphens or full stops in your Plusnet email address.

Can I email Plusnet?

Of course, you can. and you can phone up. but you cannot contact plusnet by email, unless you belong to “The Media”…

How do I contact Plusnet customer service?

Call 500 from your Plusnet mobile or 0800 328 4677 from any phone.

What happens at end of Plusnet contract?

The following details are the same, whether you’ve got fibre or standard broadband: Once your minimum term expires you’ll be switched to a rolling monthly contract automatically. If you want to cancel before the end of your minimum term, you’ll be charged an early termination charge as set out in the Charges Schedule.

How do I find out when my Plusnet contract ends?

My Account/ Broadband Phone & TV. Log in and the end date is shown on the right.

Who runs Plusnet?

BT Consumer
BT Group
Plusnet/Parent organizations

Who is the face of Plusnet?

Craig Murray
Craig Murray is not only a hilarious comedian but he has also found fame as the face of the Plusnet broadband adverts.

Is Plusnet run by BT?

BT is Plusnet’s parent company. But when it comes to broadband packages, they’re very different propositions. Here, we take a look at everything they’ve got to offer.

How do I contact Plusnet online?

345 140 0200Plusnet / Customer service

How do I get a Plusnet email address?

Log in to your Plusnet account on the website and go to the member centre. On the left hand side select “email settings”. Select “Manage my email”. Click “Create new email address”.

Is there a charge for leaving Plusnet?

We reduce the charge to take account of any costs we save because of you leaving early, such as wholesale costs. We then deduct 1% for early payment. We multiply this figure by the remaining months of your minimum term to get the final charge you owe. Any part month will be charged daily on a pro rata basis.

Does Plusnet automatically renew?

The following details are the same, whether you’ve got fibre or standard broadband: Once your minimum term expires you’ll be switched to a rolling monthly contract automatically.

Where is the Plusnet guy from?

Hailing from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire (a town otherwise famous for international terrorists, fake kidnaps and ‘Britain’s Best Market’) this charming northerner is currently one of the hottest talents on the comedy circuit.

Who owns Plusnet UK?

Is Plusnet part of EE?

Plusnet Mobile has a number of things going for it, starting with the fact that it’s owned by BT, which also owns EE. That means it uses EE’s infrastructure, which is a good thing as EE has more 4G coverage than rivals and even some 5G coverage – though Plusnet itself doesn’t yet offer 5G.

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