What is anon culture?

Anonymous Culture: Stylish and sharp witted hip-hop. Hip hop artist AnonymousCulture (Anttwan Thames) intends to take Dallas by storm. AnonymousCulture is a Pleasant Grove local whose lyrical skill and crisp, stylistic delivery are garnering major attention on the Dallas music scene.

Why is anonymity attractive?

They allow for unbiased discourse, sharing of information, the discovery of support networks and human connection between people who may not have otherwise been able to make those connections. They allow us to build communities that we never would have been able to otherwise.

Does anonymity increase honesty?

Studies have shown that allowing people to answer questionnaires completely anonymously yields more reports of socially inappropriate attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, and researchers have often assumed that this is evidence of increased honesty.

What are Boholanos beliefs?

Religion. Most Boholanos are Catholic, with a minority professing Protestant faiths and Islam. The former indigenous Boholano religion was largely eliminated by the Spaniards.

Does anonymity reduce bias?

What are Boholanos known for?

The boholanos are known to be thrifty, law-abiding, hospitable, religious, humble people. Surrounded by big body of water, they became expert sea-farers and famous traders. They have always been portrayed in a way that sometimes they abhor. In spite of these portrayals they remain modest and undisturbed.

Is boholano an ethnic group?

The Boholano people, also called Bol-anon, refers to the people who live in the island province of Bohol. They are part of the wider Bisaya ethnolinguistic group, who constitute the largest Filipino ethnolinguistic group.

Who is Karyapa?

The first recorded poetess-shaman in Philippine History is a Boholana by the name of Karyapa. Ancient Spanish records bear us out on this.

Does anonymity encourage honesty?

What is the power of anonymity?

Anonymity has provided people with the ability to voice their opinions without fear of judgement.

What is Samal tribe?

“Samal” is a covering term for Muslim Samalan speakers. One of the many ethnic-minority groups in the Philippines, they are one of ten Islamic groups presently living in the southern Philippines. They speak a Malayo-Polynesian language, Siamal or Samalan, perhaps the oldest in the Sulu Archipelago.

What is Pag Umboh?

Pag-umboh is a solemn and formal affair. Another annual religious ceremony among the boat-dwelling Sama Dilaut is the pagkanduli (literally “festive gathering”). It involves ritual dancing to Umboh Tuhan, Dayang Dayang Mangilai, and ancestral ghosts called bansa.

What is the meaning of Dagohoy?

The name Dagohoy is a concatenation of the Visayan phrase dagon sa huyuhoy or “talisman of the breeze” in English.

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