What is a good personal investment performance TSP?

TSP returns for the past 12 months are excellent. One fund is up more than 62%. The Fund in second place returned 40.29%.

What is the average return on TSP?

TSP Funds

TSP Investment Funds 8/31/1990 – 6/17/2022 TSP G Fund TSP F Fund
1-Year Return 1.83% -10.90%
3-Year Return 1.47% -0.97%
5-Year Return 1.95% 0.65%
10-Year Return 1.96% 1.67%

Is the TSP I fund a good investment?

Investment in the I Fund offers the opportunity to experience gains from equity ownership of non-U.S. companies. Because it represents the stocks of companies in many developed countries (excluding the U.S.), it is an excellent way to diversify the stock portion of your TSP allocation.

How are the TSP funds doing?

So far this year, the S Fund sits at 18.83% in the red. And the common stocks of the C Fund fell 8.72% last month, bringing its 2022 losses to 12.91%. The I Fund, which is made up of international investments, lost 6.39% in April, bringing its performance this year down to -12.73%.

How do I maximize my TSP return?

6 Keys to Maximizing Your Thrift Savings Plan Account

  1. Weigh Your Options.
  2. Contribute as Much as Possible.
  3. Consider the Roth Option.
  4. Don’t Withdraw Early.
  5. Invest According to Your Situation.
  6. Monitor Your Investments.

Should I put my TSP in the G fund now?

The G Fund is often thought of as the “safest” TSP Fund as it never goes down….TSP Returns in 2022: One Fund is Up and One Down 13.30%

FUND PRICE Year-to-Date
G Fund $16.7775 0.24%
F Fund $20.1212 -3.67%
C Fund $65.1148 -9.50%
S Fund $72.3451 -13.30%

Should I move my TSP money to the G fund 2020?

“For TSP Fund investors, we currently recommend shifting investments from the C, S, and I stock funds into the G bond fund,” he says. More than 3 million federal employees invest in the TSP (Thrift Savings Plan) Funds.

Should I move my TSP into G fund?

The G Fund is often thought of as the “safest” TSP Fund as it never goes down. It also does not go up very much when the stock market is booming as it has for the last few years. But, for now, when market returns are negative, the G Fund is alone in the listing with a positive return.

Where should I invest my TSP right now?

Nine TSP allocation strategies for 2022 This shows how to invest your TSP in a way that will lead to financial independence at or before retirement….Three Fund Portfolio

  • Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund.
  • Vanguard Total International Stock Market Fund.
  • Vanguard Total Bond Market Fund.

What percent of TSP are millionaires?

FedSmith notes that based on the latest data provided by the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB), 1.7% of all Thrift Savings Plan investors—numbering about 6.3 million—are now millionaires. They have participated in the TSP for an average of 28.2 years.

What percentage should I put into TSP?

Most TSP participants are on top of it: About 75% put in at least 5% of their pay to get the full match. Keep in mind that the match your agency or service puts in your account is classified as a traditional contribution that will be taxed in retirement.

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