What is a 300mA RCD used for?

300mA RCD is usually provided for protection against fire.

What is RCD type B?

Type B RCD are intended to be used for loads with three-phase rectifier, such as variable speed drives, PV system, EV charging station and medical equipment. Fig. F51 summarizes the definition of different types of RCD, with their main application and waveforms.

What is the time delay on an S type RCD?

S-Type RCD will trip in 150ms if SPD (wired downstream) gets triggered, protecting your property and equipment.

What is a 10mA RCD used for?

I have observed a 10mA residual current device (RCD) installed to give residual current protection to sockets fitted on the type of workbench where you have an angled trunking along the back with a number of socket outlets, as are often found in technical and scientific work areas.

What is a 500mA RCD used for?

The translation of regulation 605-10-01 (page 156 BS7671-2001) is that an rcd up to 500 mA may be used for protection against fire EXCEPT where the equipment is essential to the welfare of livestock.

What is Type G RCD?

Both type G and Residual Current Devices operate to protect against Indirect Contact (Fault Protection) and both act on the same principle. In a normal three-phase current distribution, the vector sum of the three phase currents (and of the neutral, if distributed) is zero.

What mA RCD do I need?

In domestic premises the use of 30 mA RCDs is required for the protection of all socket outlets rated at not more than 20 A, for all circuits in a bath or shower room and for cables embedded in walls and partitions at a depth less than 50 mm.

Where would you use a BS 88 2 fuse?

A BS88 fuse contains a sacrificial link that breaks during an overload or short circuit scenario to protect the rest of the electrical system. BS88 fuses are used in low voltage industrial and general-purpose applications and meet the requirements of BS88 and IEC60269.

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