What is a 10 30mm lens good for?

A versatile 10-30mm standard zoom lens perfect for family outings, group shots and portraits, this lens brings precision to most lighting scenarios with a f/3.5-5.6 maximum aperture range (picture angle equivalent of a 27-81mm in 35mm format). Vibration Reduction (VR) reduces the chance of blurred photos.

Why does my Nikon camera says lens error?

This message indicates a problem with the cameras lens mechanism which requires the camera to be sent to a Nikon service department for repair. Before sending for repair, we recommend to first try: Turn the camera off and then on again. Remove and replace the battery.

Can Nikon lenses be repaired?

We can do a warranty repair if your Nikon lens is in warranty, and if not, we can conduct the repair as a simple chargeable repair – see below for a rough guide to the usual costs of lens repair.

Can you remove scratches from camera lens?

Use Alchohol on camera lens You will need a 3.5% solution of rubbing alcohol for this method, and you still have to dilute one part alcohol with 20 parts of water to make it mild. Rub it gently over the lens repeatedly. You should notice the scratches clearing out. Dry it off with a dry part of the microfiber cloth.

Can I use compressed air to clean camera?

Don’t rush off to grab your canned air, however. Never use compressed air to clean a camera sensor, as it’s not only too powerful, but the gas inside can briefly liquefy and stain your sensor.

Can you lubricate a lens?

But this is not the case for all lenses. While not the best, I use silicone lubricant, instead of Lithium. The silicone lubricant feels a bit looser than lithium, but does the job and has less chance of separating than lithium. Proper Lithium lubricant that is meant for helicoids is probably the best in term of feel.

How much does it cost to get fungus out of a lens?

If it’s basic service that you are looking for, that is just getting the lens and body cleaned, it’s INR 1,000 per device. In case your lens has fungus, it’s INR 450 extra for a basic clean up.

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