What does Sidelock mean for shotgun?

A Sidelock also has an explanatory name as the Lockwork sits on the Side of the action as shown below. With 55 main parts (in the Boxall and Edmiston Sidelock) and many more pins and screws, a Sidelock is an unquestionably complicated gun to manufacture and assemble.

What is a Sidelock rifle?

A type of shotgun or rifle where locks are on the side of the stock instead of inside the action as they are in a boxlock. Payot, in Orthodox Judaism. Sidelock of youth, in Ancient Egypt.

How do shotgun ejectors work?

The extractor in an ejector gun works the same way as in an extractor gun, until the gun is fired. The mechanical act of firing the gun trips the spring-loaded ejector mechanism located inside the forearm. So that when it is opened, it shoots the empty(s) out.

What is a Sidelock muzzleloader?

Traditions™ classic sidelock muzzleloaders are accurate reproductions that are fully functional. These rifles are great to take to the range or hang on your wall for display. Available in a variety of models, calibers, ignition systems, and finishes, there is sure to be a rifle that fits what you are looking for!

What is the difference between extractors and ejectors on a shotgun?

Ejector guns have two pieces, one for each barrel where extractor only guns have a solid piece of metal. Ejector guns are unique in that if only one shell is fired, upon opening the gun, only that ejector will fire.

How much is a Westley Richards?

Second Hand Shotguns

Make Description Price
Westley Richards 12g Highest Quality 12g Droplock $20,000.00
Westley Richards 12g Best Quality 12g Droplock $25,000.00
Hunter Arms Hunter Arms 20g LC Smith 2 E SOLD
J. Purdey & Sons 12g 12g Over/Under Two Barrel Set SOLD

What is a Damascus barrel?

Definition of Damascus barrel : a shotgun barrel for use especially with black-powder cartridges usually made of strips or rods of iron or steel coiled in a spiral to form a tube and with a speckled or mottled pattern that often runs at right angles to the bore — compare wire-wound gun.

Who made Wells Fargo shotguns?

Contrary to myth, Wells Fargo shotguns were not purchased by local agents; prior to 1900 they were purchased from San Francisco gun dealers because Wells Fargo’s headquarters were located in San Francisco. From 1908 to 1918 all Wells Fargo shotguns were made by Ithaca.

Does Stoeger Coach gun have ejectors?

To comply with cowboy action shooting regulations, the gun does not have ejectors, but it does have an extractor.

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