What does link function do in a directive?

link function is basically used to manipulate the DOM( Document Object Model ) element using custom directive. link option in custom directive registers DOM listener and also update the DOM.

How is scope in directive different from scope in controller?

The directive and its parent(controller/directive inside which it lies) scope is same. So any changes made to the scope variables inside directive are reflected in the parent controller as well. You don’t need to specify this as it is the default.

What is link in directive AngularJS?

Link: The link function deals with linking scope to the DOM. Using Code for Compile. While defining a custom directive we have the option to define a link against which either we can define a function or we have the option to assign an object which will have pre & post function.

What is link in Angularjs directive?

What is the difference between angular service and factory?

The major difference between an AngularJS service and an AngularJS factory is that a service is a constructor function and a factory is not. That is why, in the case of a factory, we return an object literal instead of using this.

What are the types of directives in Angular?

The three types of directives in Angular are attribute directives, structural directives, and components.

What is linker with example?

In computing, a linker or link editor is a computer system program that takes one or more object files (generated by a compiler or an assembler) and combines them into a single executable file, library file, or another “object” file.

Why do you need a linker?

The linker copies all library routines used in the program into executable image. As a result, it requires more memory space. As it does not require the presence of library on the system when it is run, so it is faster and more portable.

What is directive definition object DDO?

Object returned by directive declaration that provides instructions to the compiler. Attributes. priority. Specify the order in which directives are applied to the DOM.

Can we store controller in an external file?

AngularJS Controller in External Files For a larger application, it is possible that we can store controller in external files. You have to create an external file and save this file with extension . js.

What is directive and types of directives?

Attribute directive is used to change/modify the behavior of the HTML element in the Dom Layout. Its built-in type is NgStyle, NgClass. it is used to change the attributes of the existing HTML element.

What is diff between service and factory?

Essentially, factories are functions that return the object, while services are constructor functions of the object which are instantiated with the new keyword.

What is injectable () in Angular service?

The @Injectable() decorator specifies that Angular can use this class in the DI system. The metadata, providedIn: ‘root’ , means that the HeroService is visible throughout the application. Next, to get the hero mock data, add a getHeroes() method that returns the heroes from mock.

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