What does it mean when a dealer is serving?

Related Definitions Servicing Dealer means a sales establishment that maintains a relationship with the Manufacturer, and promotes, sells, installs, and maintains products for the Manufacturer. Sample 1.

What service do dealers provide?

To ensure convenient service, dealers offer extended service hours that include evenings and Saturdays, express service lanes for routine maintenance and simple repairs, guaranteed time of delivery, and often loaner vehicles or shuttle service while repairs are being made.

Is it worth getting a dealer service?

It’s also worth bearing in mind that a car with a main dealer service history will be easier to sell on in future. That’s because buyers can have total peace of mind that the car has been serviced correctly.

What is dealer churn?

An auto dealership’s churn rate is the proportion of customers who leave the car dealer website during any given time period, and it is a very important website metric that needs to be tracked closely. Your churn rate basically points to how well your car dealer website is doing in terms of retaining customers.

What does a serve mean slang?

to have sex with; “give it up”. Usually used for a girl having sex with a guy and not vice-versa. Did you hear she’s going to serve him Friday night? See more words with the same meaning: sex, sexual intercourse.

What does it mean to give someone a serve?

To serve is to give someone service or present someone with something. An example of serve is when you bring someone a drink.

Who is a dealer in marketing?

A dealer is an individual who actively purchases goods from manufacturers and then sells them off as part of their account or stock. To put it simply, a dealer is someone who deals with the trade of a particular item or commodity. He or she indulges in commercial trading for themselves, as a part of their business.

Is stock churning illegal?

Key Takeaways. Churning is excessive trading of assets in a client’s brokerage account in order to generate commissions. Churning is illegal and unethical and is subject to severe fines and sanctions. Brokerages may charge a commission on trades or a flat percentage fee for managed accounts.

What does it mean to have serve?

serveverb. To have a given use or purpose; to function for something or to do something. serveverb. To usefully take the place as, instead of something else.

What does it mean to be on serve?

On-serve definition (tennis) With each player or pairing having won the same number of games as they have served.

What does serve mean in legal terms?

serv·ing. 1 : to deliver, publish, or execute (notice or process) as required by law [no notice of any such request was ever served on the husband “National Law Journal”] 2 : to make legal service upon (the person named in a process)

What is the true meaning of serve?

to offer or distribute a portion or portions of food or a beverage, as a host or hostess: It was her turn to serve at the faculty tea.

What is the difference between trader and dealer?

A dealer is different from a trader. While a dealer buys and sells securities as part of its regular business, a trader buys and sells securities for their own account—not on a business basis.

What is a product dealer?

A product distributor—or wholesaler—is a company that sells products to retail businesses. As a business owner that sells and manufactures products—or supplier—you can sell your product in bulk at a contract price to the distributor. Then the distributor sells your product at wholesale pricing to retailers.

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