What color stool is considered pale?

If stools are white, gray, or pale, a person may have an issue with the liver or gallbladder as pale stools suggest a lack of bile. Some anti-diarrhea medications cause white stools. Spinach, kale, or other green foods can cause green poop.

Why is my poop so light tan?

If your liver is not producing enough bile, or if the flow of the bile is blocked and not draining from your liver, your stools may become pale or clay-colored. Having pale stools once in a while may not be a cause for concern. If it occurs frequently, you may have a serious illness.

What is considered a pale colored stool?

This can lead to bulky, yellow, and greasy stools. However, stool can be gray or clay-colored if it contains little or no bile. The pale color may signify a condition ( biliary obstruction) where the flow of bile to the intestine is obstructed, such as obstruction of the bile duct from a tumor or gallstone in the duct or nearby pancreas.

What foods cause pale stool?

What Foods Cause Pale Stools. Certain foods can change the color of your stool. For example, beets can change the color of your poop to dark red and eating alots of veggies can give your stool a green hue. But are there foods that lighten stool color? Yes. Foods high in fat can lighten the color of your stool. Food coloring in foods can also

What color should stool be?

Red – Bright red or dark red in the stool can indicate bleeding somewhere in the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Black – Similar to red in the stool,a persistent black color in stool can indicate internal bleeding from esophageal varices.
  • Grey,Pale,Yellow or Clay-Colored – The liver releases bile into the stool,giving it a normal brown color.
  • What causes pale stools and how is it treated?

    Causes of pale stool. Consuming fatty foods may make a person’s stools pale in color.

  • Pale stool in children. Breastfed babies will generally have light-colored stools.
  • Pale stool during pregnancy.
  • When to see a doctor.
  • Summary.
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