What are Funfest Missions Black 2?

Funfest Missions are new additions to Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Talk to select NPCs around Unova to add these Missions to the Entralink. Head to the Entralink and interact with the Entree (the tree at the entrance) to accept a Funfest Mission.

How do I turn on Entralink powers?

These powers only last three minutes each. To activate the Pass Power, click the middle icon in the C-Gear to bring you to a green and black checkered screen. Click the small green triangle at the bottom to find all available Pass Powers. Select one to activate.

Can you still use Dream World Pokemon Black?

You can only visit the Dream World for an hour, after which you will be required to wake up your pokémon if you have not done so. You will not be able to visit the Dream World again until 24 hours have passed since your last visit.

Can you still access the Dream World in Pokemon Black 2?

If you register your Black 2 or White 2 game to the Global Link, you’ll get more out of the Island of Dreams.

Can you still access the Dream World in Pokémon Black 2?

Is Dream World still active?

The Dream World was shut down on January 14, 2014, alongside all other services for Generation V games.

How do I enter the Dream World?

To get to the Dream World, you need to use the C-Gear to sync your game with your Global Link account. However, with all its wonder, the Dream World has some restrictions as well. You only have one hour per day to explore the Dream World and there is currently a limit to the number of Pokémon you can send back.

Where is the Entralink in black and white?

There is an orange warp tile to the south. In Black and White, the Entralink is a place where a player can connect to another player’s world via the wireless function of the C-Gear . In Black 2 and White 2, the Entralink serves as the hub for Funfest Missions, but no longer allows the visiting of other players’ worlds.

How do I do missions with my friend’s Entralink?

While inside your friend’s Entralink, you can do missions by talking to the Entree in the center. These missions assist your friend in-game, and also earn you Pass Orbs, a sort of currency unique to the Entralink, that can be used to purchase Pass Powers by talking to the Entree.

How do I get to Entralink?

Entralink is a place located in the direct center of Unova. To get there, turn on your C-Gear, select Wireless, and click Entralink. A tree is located in the middle of the Entralink. This tree is called the “Entree.” Examine it to see the available Funfest Missions. See that page for more info. Complete missions to earn Pass Orbs and Pass Powers.

How did the light stone get to the Entralink?

N assured White that he was not against her, and told her how he and Zekrom had encountered the Light Stone while flying through the sky and followed it, until the Light Stone had suddenly changed course and landed at the Entralink, wanting to be found by White.

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