What are fireballs alcohol?

Fireball whiskey is a flavored whiskey: it’s a mix of Canadian whisky, sweetener and cinnamon flavoring. Fireball was developed in Canada in the 1980’s. It was originally part of a flavored schnapps line of Seagram’s, and is now produced by the Sazerac Company.

What else tastes like Fireball?

We tasted through six of Fireball’s top competitors to find out.

  • Stillhouse Red Hot Whiskey ($29)
  • Jim Beam Kentucky Fire ($16)
  • Sinfire ($15)
  • Beach Whiskey Bonfire Cinnamon ($24)
  • Cinerator ($15)
  • Evan Williams Fire ($15)

What does Fireball alcohol taste like?

Fireball Whisky is a blend of whiskey, natural cinnamon and sweeteners. At 66 proof (33% alcohol by volume), Fireball has 20 percent less alcohol than the standard whiskey. So, what does it taste like? Some drinkers say it tastes like Atomic Fireball candies or Big Red gum.

What is malt liquor Fireball?

Fireball Cinnamon products are genuine malt-based or wine-based (currently sold in Oregon only) alcoholic beverages produced by the makers of Fireball Whisky. They have been developed using a proprietary recipe, capturing the essence of the Fireball taste experience consumers love.

What is a Fireball in the sky?

A fireball is an unusually bright meteor that reaches a visual magnitude of -3 or brighter when seen at the observer’s zenith. Objects causing fireball events can exceed one meter in size.

What is the liquor that tastes like red hots?

We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. The recipe for a Red Hot Shot calls for Aftershock cinnamon schnapps. Really, any kind of cinnamon schnapps will give you the same flavor, but Aftershock is red while the others are clear. The red gives the drink a nice visual kick.

What is a better version of Fireball?

Unlike Fireball and it’s cinnamon spice, Dragon Dance gets its heat from Jalapenos. This gin is a first on the market and is the perfect replacement for Fireball. Not only does it have a spicy kick, it also has the usual gin flavors as well as citrus, coriander and other spices.

What is red hotshot?

1 lemon wedge. 1/2 cup cinnamon schnapps. 1/2 cup silver tequila.

What is the cinnamon liquor called?

Cinnamon schnapps is a sweet liqueur that often has the taste of hot cinnamon candies, though some tastes more like a cinnamon roll.

Does Fireball have poison in it?

“Mostly products that are heavily processed, so a lot of sodas, a lot of store-bought cake mixes, a lot of icing, a lot of ice cream,” Risen said. “People are not getting poisoned by soft drinks or ice cream. It won’t happen with Fireball either.” Sazerac insists Fireball Whisky is perfectly safe to drink.

Does fireball taste like real whiskey?

There’s definitely plenty of Fireball candy flavor in there, but you can actually taste real deal whiskey. Depending on how much you respect yourself, that could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Can you drink chai fireball with whisky?

Chai Fireball Whiskey Tea Perhaps you prefer your Fireball unadulterated? In that case, your whisky needs a sidekick well-known for its sensitivity. Hot tea, coming right up. Prep a steaming teapot of chai, douse it with whisky and commence your weekly fireside chat.

What is the most firebally whiskey?

Jeremiah Weed, not to be confused with the bullfrog, is the reason why. They actually say their whiskey is meant to “bewilder and amaze” people. It’s more cinnamon than heat, making it possibly the most Firebally of the bunch. 7. Fire Water Cinnamon Schnapps, 100-proof Warning: Fire Water is bottom shelf and overproof.

What to drink with Fireball?

Here’s why: Fireball meets hot coffee, milk, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice and maple syrup to create an explosive mug that’s just caffeine-laden and spice-addled enough to keep you going through anything—come blizzard, bar crawl or bachelorette party. Get the recipe. 5. Chai Fireball Whiskey Tea

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