Is sequence detector Mealy or Moore?

A sequence detector is a sequential state machine that takes an input string of bits and generates an output 1 whenever the target sequence has been detected.

What is the minimum number of states that would be required to implement a Moore machine sequence detector for the sequence 101?

We are designing a sequence detector for a 5-bit sequence, so we need 5 states.

How many states are required for Moore model of the given sequence 1001?

The Moore machine requires three states, as shown in Figure 3.30(a).

How many flip-flops are required to design a sequence detector to detect the sequence 11011 using Mealy model?

three flip-flops
We solve the equation 2P-1 < 5 £ 2P by inspection, noting that it is solved by P = 3. So we need three flip-flops. Step 3 – Assign a unique P-bit binary number (state vector) to each state.

What is purpose of Moore machine?

Moore machine is a finite state machine in which the next state is decided by the current state and current input symbol. The output symbol at a given time depends only on the present state of the machine.

How many states are possible in a Moore machine to convert every occurrence of 101 to 111 in a binary input sequence?

That means there are three states. One state is start state. The second state is for taking 0’s as input and produces output as 1. The third state is for taking 1’s as input and producing output as 0.

How many total no of states required for the construction of a Moore machine?

5. The total number of states and transitions required to form a moore machine that will produce residue mod 3.

How many states require string ends with 10?

3. Number of states require to accept string ends with 10. d) can’t be represented. Explanation: This is minimal finite automata.

What is the output function of Moore machine is?

The value of the output function is a function of the transitions and the changes, when the input logic on the present state is done. The value of the output function is a function of the current state and the changes at the clock edges, whenever state changes occur. Mealy machines react faster to inputs.

Is Moore machine sequential?

Clocked sequential systems are a restricted form of Moore machine where the state changes only when the global clock signal changes. Typically the current state is stored in flip-flops, and a global clock signal is connected to the “clock” input of the flip-flops.

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