Is Darius the Mede the same as Cyrus?

William Shea, a conservative scholar, comments that it would be strange to refer to Cyrus the Persian, son of Cambyses I, as Darius the Mede, son of Ahasuerus, and strange also to refer to the same king as Cyrus in some passages and Darius in others. Cambyses II. Cambyses was Cyrus’ son and his successor as emperor.

Is Gubaru Darius the Mede?

This man is mentioned by Xenophon, the Nabonidus Chronicle, and Babylonian contract texts. He was appointed governor of Babylon by Cyrus, and because of his high position Gubaru was identified with Darius the Mede.

Who is Darius in the book of Ezra?

In the book of Daniel, Darius has the old title of Darius I (king of the Chaldeans = Babylonians), while Koresh has the new one of Xerxes (king of the Persians). (Alternative) directive by Koresh to the Jews to rebuild the Temple and first return of the exiles to Jerusalem.

Who was king during Daniel’s time?

The first king that Daniel served was King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. After Nebuchadnezzar passed away, his son King Belshazzar became his successor and Daniel served him. He was then followed by King Darius and lastly King Cyrus.

Is Artaxerxes and Cyrus the same person?

Artaxerxes II was chosen to rule over Cyrus the Younger, not on merit, but simply because he was the older brother. His reign marked no significant advances in Persian culture and its lack of stability would continue through the reigns of his successors.

Is Darius and Artaxerxes the same person?

Artaxerxes was probably born in the reign of his grandfather Darius I, to the emperor’s son and heir, Xerxes I.

Where are the Medes today?

The Medes were one of the ancestors of Kurdish people who lived in the northwestern portions of present-day Iran. This area was known in Greek as Media or Medea They entered this region with the first wave of Iranian tribes, in the late second millennium BC (at the end of the Bronze Age).

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