Is Bo Selecta on 4od?

Channel 4 has removed episodes of Bo’ Selecta from 4od after Leigh Frances issued an emotional apology for the show in which he apologised for portraying Black people. The comedy show saw Keith Lemon star Leigh Francis dress up and impersonate celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Craig David, Trisha Goddard and Mel B.

How do I watch Bo Selecta?

Watch Bo’ Selecta – Season 1 | Prime Video.

Can you still watch Bo Selecta?

Channel 4 has removed Bo’ Selecta! episodes from its website after the show came under fire for its historic racist remarks and references, forcing Leigh Francis to issue a tearful apology.

Was Mel B on The Masked Singer before?

Fans of The Masked Singer were gobsmacked when a nineties icon was unmasked as one of the quirky characters. Spice Girl Mel B was revealed as the voice behind Seahorse on episode two of the second series of the surreal ITV singing competition hosted by Joel Dommett.

What did Christina Aguilera say in Bo Selecta?

In Bo’ Selecta, Christina Aguilera is portrayed as a slut, in a reference to her song Dirrty. She speaks in a strong Liverpool accent and wears revealing clothes. She uses the phrase “I’m dead dirrttyyy” at the end of her segment. She first appeared in the second series, where she showed her “Crib” and launched her own video game.

Who are the actors in the Bo Selecta documentary?

The programme looks at significant moments in the singer’s career, and features contributions from rubber-masked Bo Selecta! stalwarts Craig David and Mel B, along with new characters such as Uri Geller and Kanye West. Plus, cameos by the real Emma Bunton, Paddy McGuiness and David Gest.

What does Craig David say in Bo Selecta?

Craig David is one of the main Bo’ Selecta characters. His catchphrases are “Proper Reet Bo” and “Proper Bo, I tell thee!”. He is portrayed as having a very large chin, with a beard made with a pen. Craig has a very strong Yorkshire accent. He is known for always singing his name.

Who are the main characters in Bo Selecta?

1 Craig David. Craig David is one of the main Bo’ Selecta characters. 2 Mel B. Mel B is portrayed as a drunk, scary, and dirty old woman. 3 The Bear. The Bear, played by Leigh Francis, is also one of the main protagonists of the series. 4 Elton John. Elton John is extremely camp and aggressive.

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