Is Bio balls good for aquarium?

Bio balls are used to hold the beneficial bacteria from your tank and not for removing waste products from the system. We recommend that these are used after the water flows through filter foam as the foam will catch and remove any debris from the water meaning these will not get stuck in the groves of the Bio balls.

Are bio balls any good?

It actually serves a very important purpose. It increases the surface area of each bio ball. You see, bacteria likes to cling to the surface of objects. And, plastic bio balls have been designed to provide as much surface area as possible for the bacteria to cling to.

Is Bio balls good for aquaponics?

Each bio ball provides a multi-pronged area for beneficial bacteria to cling to and thrive, removing damaging ammonia and nitrites that can be harmful to your aquatic species as water passes over them. And because of their unique design, each compact bio ball has an impressive surface area of 22.7328 inches.

How often should I clean bio balls?

The bio-balls come out, the yucky water stays behind. Restart the filter. Test for the appearance of ammonia every few days for a week, then every several days over another week after that. If the tests read near zero after this time, it is ok to repeat the process.

How often should bio balls be cleaned?

What are bio balls and why are they popular?

Some bio balls even have small pieces of ceramic or foam hiding inside – even more surface area for bacteria to cling to. The foam is perfect for growing large colonies of nitrifying bacteria.

Are bio balls worth it for filter media?

If you are looking for a filter media that only carries nitrifying bacteria and requires little maintenance, then bio balls do have their upsides – particularly if you use a trickle filter. How many bio balls do you need? The answer to this question depends entirely on the brand of bio balls you purchase.

Can I add more bio balls than the instructions recommend?

While adding fewer bio balls than the instructions recommend results in inadequate filtration, there is no harm in adding more. What precautions do you need to take when using bio balls?

How long do Biobio balls last?

Bio balls, on the other hand, last almost forever. For me, I find that the benefits of ceramic-style media far outweigh that of plastic bio balls, but then I have a very strict maintenance routine.

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