How to hide section in UITableView?

Implement the UITableViewDataSource protocol:

  1. Return all section names (even hidden ones) in – the sectionIndexTitlesForTableView method.
  2. For each empty section, return nil from the titleForHeaderInSection method.
  3. For each empty section return 0 for the numberOfRowsInSection method.

How do I hide a section in collectionView?

You should remove section from your data source and reload collection view by calling reloadData . This will trigger func numberOfSectionsInCollectionView(_ collectionView: UICollectionView) -> Int where your will return updated number of sections.

How do I hide a Table View section in Swift?

Hide row/cells in Static UITableView with Swift

  1. Step 1: Create static UITableView. If you already have a static tableview setup, you can skip to Step 2.
  2. Step 2: Hide the static row/cell. Hiding a row/cell is super simple.
  3. Step 3: Hide tapped row/cell.

How hide static cell in IOS?

We identify the target cell by creating an outlet for it:

  1. In the designer, create an outlet for the cell(s) you want to hide. The outlet for one such cell is called “cellYouWantToHide” above.
  2. Check “Clip Subviews” in the IB for the cells you want to hide. The cells you are hiding need to have ClipToBounds = YES.

How do I remove cells from Collectionview?

Build and Run the project and select the Edit Button. Select a few cells and press the Trash button to remove the items.

How do I delete a storyboard view?

To delete the View Controller from the storyboard, select the View Controller by clicking the Show Document Outline icon and then clicking on View Controller Scene in the Document Outline. Then press Backspace or choose Edit > Delete.

How do I use UICollectionViewFlowLayout?

How to make a UICollectionView using Interface Builder (IB) in Xcode?

  1. Drag a UICollectionView object to your view controller.
  2. Set proper constraints on the collection view.
  3. Set dataSource & delegate of the collection view.
  4. Prototype your cell layout inside the controller.
  5. Add constraints to your views inside the cell.
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