How much is Mike Trout contract per year?

$35.54 million
In 2019, Mike Trout signed a 12-year contract worth $426 million with the Angels, with a $20 million signing bonus, $426.5 million guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $35.54 million.

Who has the largest contract in the MLB?

1. Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels – $426.5M (12 years) Trout’s contract, signed in March 2019, added two years to the outfielder’s existing deal with the Angels and easily remains the highest in MLB history.

How much does Mike Trout get paid in 2020?

$36 million
Trout’s $36 million salary in 2020 translates to $222,222 per game, tied with Cole for tops in the game. The Angels have four players — Trout, Albert Pujols, Anthony Rendon, and Justin Upton — making at least $100,000 per game, four of 65 players across MLB earning a six-digit salary per game.

What is Mike Trout’s net worth?

2022 The World’s Highest-Paid Athletes Earnings Mike Trout signed a 12-year contract with the Los Angeles Angels worth $426.5 million in 2019. The deal was the richest in the history of North American team sports (since exceeded by Patrick Mahomes) and included a $20 million signing bonus.

What is the biggest contract signed in sports history?

The record for the biggest sports contract belongs to soccer star striker Lionel Messi, who had a $674 million contract with FC Barcelona (over four years). In second place is quarterback Patrick Mahomes, whose agreement with the Kansas City Chiefs is worth up to $503 million.

Which athlete has the richest contract?

Who has the richest contract in sports?

The Top 10 Biggest Contracts of All Time

  • Lionel Messi — $673,919,105.
  • Patrick Mahomes — $503,000,000.
  • Mike Trout — $426,500,000.
  • Mookie Betts (Los Angeles Dodgers – baseball) — $365,000,000.
  • Fernando Tatís Jr. (
  • Bryce Harper (Philadelphia Phillies – baseball) — $330,000,000.

What is Mike Trout’s current contract?

Current Contract. Mike Trout signed a 12 year / $426,500,000 contract with the Los Angeles Angels, including a $20,000,000 signing bonus, $426,500,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $35,541,667. In 2019, Trout will earn a base salary of $16,000,000 and a signing bonus of $20,000,000, while carrying a total salary of $17,666,667.

How much does Mike Trout make per home run?

Trout will take home around $36 million per season, the highest average annual value in MLB history. So, how might that look when broken down per home run, at-bat, or even day?

How many MVPS has Mike Trout won in his career?

He’ll turn 29 years on Aug. 7, 2020. Entering the 2020 season, he has already won the American League MVP three times: 2014, 2016, and 2019. Arguably he could have won in 2012, 2013, and 2015 as well. Each time he led the league in WAR but the Angels failed to make the playoffs, likely costing him votes.

How much will trout and Greinke make on new contract?

Greinke was making $34.4 million on average after signing a six-year, $204 million deal with Arizona. Trout will be making about $36 million on average with this new deal.

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