How many versions of Farewell My Lovely are there?

three times
Farewell, My Lovely is a novel by Raymond Chandler, published in 1940, the second novel he wrote featuring the Los Angeles private eye Philip Marlowe. It was adapted for the screen three times and was also adapted for the stage and radio.

Who is Velma Murder My Sweet?

Recently-released from prison, the half-witted, primitive ex-boxer Malloy was obsessively searching for his mysterious, missing ex-girlfriend/lover Velma Valento (Claire Trevor), a showgirl, who had sold him out eight years earlier and abandoned him.

What year was the movie Murder My Sweet made?

December 9, 1944 (USA)Murder, My Sweet / Release date

What is the film Farewell My Lovely about?

Ex-con Moose (Jack O’Halloran) hires private eye Phillip Marlowe (Robert Mitchum) to find his long-lost girlfriend, Velma, a lounge singer. The lounge owner’s wife says she’s dead, but Marlowe remains skeptical. Meanwhile, Marlowe also goes on a routine ransom exchange for a necklace and gets knocked out and framed for murder. He eventually finds the necklace’s owner, blonde bombshell Helen Grayle (Charlotte Rampling) but, more importantly, evidence that the two cases are connected.Farewell, My Lovely / Film synopsis

Why is The Big Sleep called The Big Sleep?

In The Big Sleep – the title refers to the gangster euphemism for death – Marlowe is summoned to the home of old General Sternwood whose wild daughter, Carmen, is being blackmailed by a seedy bookseller.

What does the phrase Big Sleep mean?

euphemism Death, as in, the sleep from which one cannot awaken. Possibly coined by the author Raymond Chandler (1888–1959). I know it’s morbid, but we all must sleep the big sleep someday. See also: big, sleep.

Who is silver wig in The Big Sleep?

Mona Grant
Mona Grant Mona allows herself to be hidden in order to protect her husband, whom she does not believe or want to believe to be a crooked gambler and a ruthless murderer. Mona becomes a symbol under the name of “Silver-wig”—the name that Marlowe, who is taken by Mona, calls her.

What happens to General Sternwood in The Big Sleep?

But General Sternwood does not directly ask the detective to follow up that case at first; later, when Marlowe starts to investigate Regan’s disappearance too, the general offers the detective $1,000 if he can find Rusty. Sternwood is severely ill and dying.

Who Killed Harry Jones in The Big Sleep?

Marlowe mocks Jones, calling him “little man” because he is short. Yet, Jones displays great strength of character—namely, he lies to Lash Canino, Mars’s hired assassin, when interrogated about where Agnes Lozelle lives. Canino puts cyanide in Jones’s whiskey, killing him.

What piece does Marlowe move in the chess game Why is this significant?

It is here that Marlowe looks down at the chessboard in his room and, significantly, moves the knight piece. However, within the same scene, he realizes that it was the wrong move, and he retracts it, claiming that knights have no place in such a world: “Knights had no meaning in this game.

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