How do you use cercanias in Madrid?

How to get your Madrid Cercanías train tickets

  1. Select your preferred language.
  2. Select the type of ticket. You will probably need a single ticket (billete sencillo), but you can also get a Bonotren (10 trips).
  3. Choose your origin and destination.
  4. Pay for your ticket. You can do so using cash or your credit card.

Does Renfe Alvia have Wi-Fi?

You can connect to the Renfe WiFi network through the PlayRenfe platform. There are two access options: Basic: 20 MB of data and access from 1 device. It is free for passengers in Preferente Class.

How do I connect to Wi-Fi on SNCF trains?

Let yourself be guided

  1. Activate the wifi. in your settings and select the network SNCF_WIFI_INOUI.
  2. Identify yourself. using your file reference, your SNCF identification or your loyalty card number.

How much does Renfe cost?

This is €8.70 for a one-way ticket and €17.40 for a return ticket. In the case of passes, the price is for 7 zones. You can purchase them at station ticket offices or Cercanías self-service machines….One-way Ticket.

Areas Prices
1/2 Areas 1,70 €
3 Areas 1,85 €
4 Areas 2,60 €
5 Areas 3,40 €

What is cercanias ticket?

The Combinado Cercanías is a five-digit code or barcode that you’ll find on eligible tickets. The code enables customers to obtain a free ticket for a suburban train (and/or FEVE suburban train) within four hours of arrival and/or departure at both the origin and destination stations.

How do you use PlayRenfe?

Connecting to PlayRenfe is very easy:

  1. Download the app from your app store (available for iPhone and Android).
  2. Go to settings and select the PlayRenfe Wi-Fi network (if you use your laptop, start directly on this step).
  3. Use your browser and enter any url to access the registration screen.

What is SNCF Internet?

France’s national rail operator SNCF is experimenting new passenger experience features to attract passengers to the rails — and, in particular, its premium services on high-speed lines that are best known as the TGV — including on-train wireless Internet connectivity.

How do I connect to lyria Wi-Fi?

How to connect to the TGV Lyria Wi-Fi?

  1. Activate Wi-Fi on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and choose the network _WIFI_LYRIA.
  2. Open a page on your Internet browser: you will be redirected to the Wi-Fi portal.
  3. On the homepage of the portal, click on the profile pictogram or on the button “Connect”.

Can you drink alcohol on Renfe trains?

Although food is available to buy on many Renfe trains (and 1st-class AVE and Euromed tickets usually include a hot meal + wine served at your seat), you’re free to bring and consume your own food and drink, even alcohol.

Can I bring food on Renfe?

Although food is available to buy on many Renfe trains (and 1st-class AVE and Euromed tickets usually include a hot meal + wine served at your seat), you’re free to bring and consume your own food and drink, even alcohol. Although the network is extensive, some areas lack train service.

What is the Spanish rail network called?

Renfe, Railways Spain Renfe is the name of the national railways in Spain. Renfe operates on all major lines in Spain, like the high speed rails between Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid, Cordoba and Seville. The total rail network of Renfe is 16,0026 kilometres in length. 10,182 kilomteres are electrified.

Is there a Renfe app?

Download the application for iPhone, Android and Huawei, sign up for and access all its features: buy and manage your trips, check schedules, the punctuality of trains or your Más Renfe (loyalty programme) programme points.

Can you eat on AVE Train?

If you have purchased a Prémium ticket for AVE (high-speed) or Euromed trains, you can enjoy our hot in-seat food and drinks for free (Prémium menu, with the touch of chef Ramón Freixa, including breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, depending on the time of day).

What is the difference between AVLO and AVE?

Avlo is essentially a cheaper alternative to Renfe’s Alta Velocidad Española (AVE) network, which operates on the second longest high-speed rail network in the world after China’s bullet train service.

What is Renfe y tu card?

The card “Renfe & Tu” allows a customized mode, which has the customer data printer in the card (name, photo, ID, Code Number) allowing to charge any transport ticket and replace the card if it is lost. It also includes data regarding special discounts, such as the Gold Card or the Large Family.

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