How do you play Claire Scenario B?

To play a “B” campaign, select “New Game [2nd Run]” from the Story menu after beating the campaign the first time. 2nd Run campaigns skip the truck driver and gas station intro, instead starting shortly before the cutscene where Leon meets Claire at the locked gate.

How do you unlock Leon B scenario?

Leon B, known in Japan as Leon last part (レオン裏, Reon-ura?), is a story scenario in Resident Evil 2. It is unlocked upon completing the Claire A scenario.

How long is Claire B re2?

In our own testing, an initial playthrough of Resident Evil 2 as either Leon or Claire took about six hours. The following 2nd Run B scenario then took an additional six hours, so one full run of Resident Evil 2 will likely clock in between 12-15 hours, depending on skill level, difficulty, etc.

How do you get the true ending to Claire?

To get the “True Ending” – that also gets you a trophy – you need to complete a second playthrough of the game with the second character. Claire if you played as Leon first, or Leon if your first run was with Claire, but you have to choose the correct option.

Is Claire B shorter?

Leon A and Claire A are the same length. So are Leon B and Claire B. (The difference is around 3-5 minutes between characters.) You were simply not running as much to find clues or the next place to progress, that is all.

Is Leon A Claire B canon?

Claire A/Leon B is the canon scenario, it was confirmed in later games, Darkside Chronicles to name one.

Is Leon A and Claire B canon?

They’re both cannon. Personally, I don’t think they have a specific order. Both of them occur at the same time but from two different perspectives. Claire A/Leon B is the canon scenario, it was confirmed in later games, Darkside Chronicles to name one.

How many endings does Resident Evil 2 have?

four Resident Evil 2 endings
For the rest of us there are four Resident Evil 2 endings in the remake thanks to the game’s 2nd Run campaign, which gives you control of the character you didn’t initially playthrough as after Claire and Leon meet on either side of the Courtyard fence.

Who is the little girl at the end of Resident Evil 2?

In the end both of them survive the events along with Barry, who arrived to look for them, and a little girl named Natalia Korda. She also returned as a playable character in Resident Evil 2 (2019), a remake of the 1998 game.

How many endings are in re2?

four Resident

How is Claire’s story different?

Leon’s story has a more criminal investigation feel to it, which fits with his background. Claire’s is more a story of family and protection. But both characters still start and end at the same place.

Is Claire faster than Leon?

Specifically, when Claire’s health is in the “Caution” status, she’ll actually run faster than her default speed. On top of this, Claire is already naturally faster than Leon. Not just that, she controls a bit more fluidly, turning with more ease than Leon. In general, she’s a “smoother” character to play as.

Did Claire adopt Sherry?

This lead to most of the fandom seeing the three of them as a family; Leon and Claire as the parents, and Sherry as their daughter, despite just the nine and seven year age gap. This is even more cemented when Sherry cheerfully proclaims that Leon and Claire “can adopt her” in the Resident Evil 2 2019 remake.

Does Leon like Claire?

Fanon. With Leon and Claire having been introduced in the second installment of the series, they’ve been fan favorites for the past 20+ years, their relationship with each other being no different. Their last official canon interaction was during the CGI movie Resident Evil: Degeneration, set during 2005.

Should I Leon or Claire first?

From the get go, you can select either Leon or Claire’s campaign to be your first outing with the game. Whichever one you choose, you’ll have almost the exact same experience the first time around. The same cutscenes, the same locations, and much of the same items.

Is Leon or Claires story better?

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