How do you open the door in Lego Star Wars?

You can open doors by activating a switch, placing objects on pressure plates, or activating control panels using electricity by placing a small droid in the slot.

How do I get past the infiltrate of the Octan Tower?

Set fire to the panel in front of the boiler, smash the board in the center of the area and use a wrench on the broken machine on the right. Grab the valve wheel and put it on its notch in the foreground on the left. Build with all the scattered pieces to earn the Exploding Pants.

How do you get past Gringotts in LEGO Harry Potter?

Switch to Hagrid and pass through. Stand on the next patch of light and pull on the lever to open a gate. Pass through that and then as the goblin banker, stand ahead of the safe and open it.

How do you beat Lego Star Wars lockout?

As soon as the player interacts with that terminal, they have what they need to unlock the door. Travel back to Theed and hunt down the person with the locked door. Approach the door and open it to complete the quest and claim the reward.

Where is the level infiltrate the Octan Tower?

CCC: The Lego Movie Videogame Guide/Walkthrough – Level 10: Infiltrate The Octan Tower. Level portal location (hub access): Cloud Cuckoo Land (lower area) – From the lower area entrance, use the catapult in front of you to reach the giant cuckoo island to the right. The level will be on the bunk couch.

How do you unlock the chest in Gringotts?

Two chests are obvious right from the start, but you’ll have to head to the back right side of the room and use Lumos magic to chase vines away from a third chest, while there is a gremlin holding up a chest along the left side of the room that you need to knock down and then open.

How do you get the red bricks in Bricksburg?

To get this brick you need to collect three instruction pages. Once you have located them, go to the construction site (in front of the train station). When the construction is ready, you will get the red brick. The first page can be found on the balcony of the building which is in the same row as Emmet’s house.

How do you get to the relic room in the LEGO movie game?

The Relic Room is found in the level Infiltrate the Octan Tower, it is the room with the lasers and bunch of random items. This must be done in Free Play and you must have Ma and Pa Bad Cop and Lord Business unlocked.

Where is griphook character token?

Filch – When you enter the second area of the library go straight to the far side of the room and use Griphook to open the safe to reveal Filch. Neville (pajamas) – In the final area of this level there is a Dark Magic cabinet in the far corner of the room. Pop it open to get the token.

How do you unlock Tom Riddle in Lego Harry Potter?

Tom Riddle select the level and do free play. then when in the final part against the basilisk there is a goblin lock in the far right corner. select Griphook and turn this lock inside is a dark wizard named Tom Riddle.

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